ABF Strike Vote: Hoffa Slaps Freight Teamsters Again

October 4, 2013: The new letter from the IBT Freight Division is the latest slap in the face to ABF Teamsters. The "blame the victim" letter attacks Central Region Cartage Teamsters for voting no, and threatens that if they vote to authorize a strike they will cause "the closure of the company and the loss of employment for all 7,000 plus Teamsters."

Those words are in bold type and underlined in the October 1 letter posted at time clocks and union boards around the Central Region.

There's not one word of the two-page letter about any problems brought on by management, about their decision to buy Panther, or about any legitimate membership concerns.

The strike vote is a sham. Since the union has not put forward any issues, what would a strike be over? Nothing!

The ballots will go out soon, and be counted by the end of October. The union extended the contract until October 29, so that must be their target date for implementation of the national contract, including the wage cut.

Hoffa's Freight Division long ago stopped representing Teamsters, listening to freight workers, or working to organize Teamster power in trucking.  Freight Teamsters voted against Hoffa in 2011 and will surely do so in bigger numbers in 2016.  And for Hoffa, politics trumps the future of union. 

That, more than another reason, is why the whole Hoffa-Hall administration needs to be retired. 



Very sad, the word "stike" was a term to scare the company and show the company that their employees were serious about their future with the company. Now, that word "stike" is being used by our own union to scare the rank and file, very sad.

Not only has Hoffa completely stopped representing freight Teamsters, we in TANK HAUL are also completely SOLD OUT! We are "next on the list" to be ignored, and told garbage like, "Be lucky you have a job"...Screw you Jimmy! The ONLY Teamsters you care about are your cash cow, UPS Parcel. And I'm sure you will sell those members out next after you're done screwing over all the rest of us. Remember this come 2016! Stand tall and get rid of these managment clones masquerading as a union President. VOTE THEM OUT! I'd rather take my chances and decertify than pay these jerks another dime to throw us under the bus!

I just want to say to all the "men" and I use that word loosely who voted yes to this P.O.S contract, that was your right as a union member, but my right as a union member was to vote it down 2 times and now I have to make one of the most important decisions I have had to make in my carerer. I have bills, mortgage ,and 2 kids in college like most of you, but we are at a crossroads, do we cave like most of American workers and take what Judy and Corporate America gives us or do we fight back? There is no doubt in my mind that ABF was and still is the best Freight company to work for, but we will be reduced to just another truck line!! Just remember when your property taxes go up, food, gas, etc. and you know it will, your pay will be reduced over the next 5 years. And when you want to get away from this "regular job" and want to spend time with your family you might not have the vacation time! Remember one thing neither the IBT nor the company seems to be on the side of the working man and if I thought the company really needed the releif, I would be the first one to vote to help the company. So the decision is yours and yours only! Good luck to all my fellow Teamsters in the Central Cartage Supplement.

Really? This train is just getting rolling back on track and some "men" want to derail our progress? Stop making this about Hoffa and his cronies and realize that a strike will cripple and cause massive employment issues. Sorry guys, but this "man" is willing to take chance on ABF. They took one with me and we both profited by it.