ABF Negotiations Open

Negotiations with ABF began this week in Scottsdale Arizona, and the schedule calls for three more sessions of bargaining in February, reconvening on January 29 for the next round.

Dallas551_thumb.jpgScottsdale is warm, but these negotiations may get hot, because members are in no mood for concessions, and want all that has been given away to be restored in this contract.

The company is looking for no cost increases as their opening bid, but opening bids are often more like dreams.

Teamsters at ABF expect full restoration of what was conceded over the life of the current contract. Bargaining needs to start with a new set of wages above what was negotiated, and then cut, in 2013. Full vacation weeks must be restored. Pension and health benefits must be maintained. And we need job protection to stop subcontracting out Teamster work.

Bargaining at ABF promises to be an important indicator of how Hoffa and the IBT plan to negotiate and fight for members. With contracts at UPS package and UPS Freight on the horizon, all Teamsters understand the importance of the 2018 round of bargaining.

The Hoffa administration deliberately keeps members in the dark by hiding their bargaining position from the members – after giving it to the employers. TDU will make information available as we can. Knowledge is power, and power means a better contract.

A couple of factors are in the union’s favor at the table. First, ABF is going to get a big tax break. Second, the Central States Fund is not asking for any increase in pension contributions; the majority of ABF Teamsters are in the Central States.

A bigger factor is that members are not going to accept a substandard contract. To make it happen, we need active, organized and visible contract actions to send a message to both management and the Hoffa administration. To get more informed and involved, contact TDU

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  • Jerry Wilson
    commented 2018-01-11 18:07:56 -0500
    NO concessions we want to pay you back we won our 34-hour restart we want our vacation back then we can start talking the wage we’re looking at 14% increase just on wages any concessions at all is automatically a no vote we’ve been lied to cheated and you never saw McReynolds take a cut in pay look at what she’s making now all off the back of ABF employees they’re crooked we were lied to and it won’t happen again push it to a strike whatever no concessions no means no
  • noRm gRouse
    commented 2018-01-11 17:52:02 -0500
    Ill vote NO on everything placed in front of me,every time, regardless of content. After the last contract scam involving The 3way backroom deal between YRC, Hoffa,and Judy wherein YRC fakes a buyout offer to scare us into givebacks, ABF showed itself to be a lowlife entity. Vote no and strike.
  • Jerry Wilson
    followed this page 2018-01-11 12:20:05 -0500
  • Billy Morton
    commented 2018-01-10 22:49:41 -0500
    Given the current tax break and the record profits made last fiscal year plus the purchase of new companies and construction of 2new office buildings for arc best and panther. This is not including the broker firm in California there should be no reason that ABF is not the standard for all other contracts to stride for. The union is being handed a golden goose they just need it to lay the eggs and strengthen the union in this country and stop it from going down the drain.
  • Mike Heath
    commented 2018-01-10 15:38:30 -0500
    That’s right, we will NOT accept another shitty contract at ABF! Even the guys that voted yes last time are pissed off because they feel ABF lied to them. The IBT needs to stand up to this company and represent the members. This company is making money hand over fist, yet they cry poverty at the same time spending hundreds of millions of dollars on non union companies. BULLSHIT! We demand a strong contract!
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