Another Top Teamster Backs Central States Pension Cuts

Another top Teamster has endorsed the Central States pension cuts. Bill Lichtenwald, a personal friend of James Hoffa and the head of the Ohio Conference of Teamsters until the Independent Review Board’s corruption report last October, has issued a letter backing the cuts. After the IRB corruption report, Lichtenwald resigned as a trustee of the Central States Fund. 


The letter, signed by Lichtenwald and the executive board of Local 20, blasts the US Treasury Department for rejecting the cuts on May 6. Lichtenwald joins several other Hoffa officials who have backed the pension cuts, instead of leading members and retirees to fight them.  International Vice President Tyson Johnson strongly backed the cuts, and then flip-flopped a week ago to issue a letter taking credit for their rejection!

After parroting the reasons Teamsters should go along with the cuts, Lichtenwald’s letter concludes with something we can agree with: “Congress must act in order to positively enact legislation that would allow pension funds such as Central States to get back on a firm financial footing.” 

We agree. We are working to enact the Keep Our Pension Promises Act (KOPPA), which would do just that. We call upon Bill Lichtenwald and the leadership of the Central States Fund to join the coalition of retirees, unions, the AARP, and the Pension Rights Center to work hard to get KOPPA enacted into law. 

The power and resources of the Central States Fund, and full support from the IBT, would be a great help in getting the job done. How about it, brother Lichtenwald?

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  • Stephanie McAllister
    followed this page 2016-08-29 12:37:20 -0400
  • Bruce Swearingen
    commented 2016-08-13 21:49:42 -0400
    A ‘friend’ of HOFFA nuff said!
  • eddie calero
    commented 2016-05-19 22:09:24 -0400
    hey lichtenwald, shove your plan. !!
  • Tom Saunders
    commented 2016-05-19 08:03:16 -0400
    There is an old fireman saying YOU GO WE GO my father taught me a long time ago. We all are in this fight together, its time to clean house of all those fat cats and we have plenty .
  • Richard Dorrough
    commented 2016-05-18 17:47:18 -0400
    Attention!! Attention!!!Just so you are aware I am a retired/resigned Carpenter ally not a Teamster who has been fighting against the attacks on our Pensions for a number of years.I hope it does not diminish the quality of my information.This is not just an attack on Teamster Pensions but the pension of all Americans and I would hope that this turns into a campaign across all trades and including all retirees. I have been helping some other Teamsters gather some information and post here occasionally to get feedback and for Teamster and others to see the information,. If the information has merit and is of value I always figured who cares where it comes from.
    I have been working to expose the NCCMP,the attack on ERISA and the Unions involvement at least 4 years before MPRA was approved in 2014 and how spent many hours,days,weeks and etc gathering documentation and proof without which you will have no solution to the continued looting of your funds and the funds of many trades. Without the proof and documentation that the Feds have not only failed in its oversight but refused its oversight of your funds,my pension fund (which will be in the line for cuts) and others funds you will have less of a case to prove not only to those investigating but to the cynical overburdened taxpayers that removing the crooks and stabilizing your funds is what your owed.
    So in closing Carpenter,Teamster or the International Union of horse crap scoopers makes no difference as long as we are fighting to save ALL our pensions. Anyone who thinks spending the years gathering this proof and making it available for review is less valuable than standing on a corner next to a blow up rat calling workers nasty names and is not “active engagement and support for the campaigns to defend our pensions” .well.. enjoy your rubber rat. It will be documentation, proof and exposure that win this attack on all Pensioners not whistles,chants or vote for Hillary Rallys.
    Any person who visits this site that is offended by a non teamster posting let me know.I will pack up my documentation of Nyhans expenditures and go bother the Union horse crap scoopers or the banner people. Oh wait those people holding the banners are not in a Union,get no benefits and make less than a Walmart worker.
  • Brady Finley
    commented 2016-05-18 08:31:20 -0400
    To get rid of a snake you cut off the Head!
  • Tom Saunders
    commented 2016-05-18 00:54:10 -0400
    The only sound I want to here from this man is his jail cell slamming behind him shut. I hope there is some kind of inquire about this guy. Most likely not, they seem to hide like roaches when the lights come on .
  • Richard Dorrough
    commented 2016-05-17 23:05:18 -0400
    I am curious. It is now proven with documents that the Central Sates Fund hired a lobbyist and paid them over 2 million and counting to lobby for the Multi Employer Reform Act. The lobbyist targeted the PGBC,DOL,Treasury and etc. So if the government has a consent decree over Central States dos this mean the Judge the Honorable Milton I. Shadur approved using over 2 million of the Participants fund money to pass a law stealing up to 70% of their pension checks. I think Wayne Berry is the DOL counsel on the consent decree .Did he approve this.Also since Nyhan is also a member of the NCCMP and on their Steering committee and attends every NCCMP event can he really legally use over 2 million of Central States fund money to finance an NCCMP campaign to pass their legislation. The Central States fund hired and paid the Groom Law firm and other Lobbyist such as GrossmanHeinz to Lobby the Dept of (DOL), Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC), Treasury – Dept of for Multiemployer pension plan funding reform legislation and regulations changing the multiemployer plan funding rules and multiemployer plan withdrawal liability amendments.
  • Dave Robbins
    commented 2016-05-17 21:14:23 -0400
    As a member of Local 20 for 8 years, I can personally attest to Lichtenwald’s lack of interest or concern for the rank and file, where he ignored our unit’s pleas to enforce our contract and follow the IBT Constitution. After running the Ohio Conference as a sham union organization to provide salaries and benefits for Teamster officials, getting booted from the Pension Fund, he has a helluva nerve to give advice on what’s good for the Union. Lichtenwald, Hoffa, Jr. and the rest of the fatcats should get the heave ho. Vote Teamsters United to take back our Union, which has been hijacked since 1998 by Hoffa, Jr. and his misleaders.
  • Alan Kushman
    commented 2016-05-17 16:13:39 -0400
    These ass clowns just don’t seem to get it that is our money we should be telling them what to do with it not the other way around, they caused this mess with their piss poor management and bad judgment, why did hoffa let ups out of the fund? All of these untrustee’s need to be charged with defrauding the fund and thrown in prison. You cut our payments they get thiers cut at a higher percentage no more millionaires club
  • Ryan Mack
    commented 2016-05-17 15:39:25 -0400
    That corrupt piece of shit doesn’t care about the this and of the thosands of people who will be devestated by this.
    Watch out local 20, he needs a boot in the ass, not releected.
  • eddie calero
    commented 2016-05-17 12:12:07 -0400
    oh yeah we will believe anything coming out of this man’s mouth. lol
  • @TeamsterRnF tweeted this page. 2016-05-17 10:43:48 -0400
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