As Contract Time Nears, YRC Deals more MOUs

Just weeks away from negotiations on the next YRC contract, IBT Freight Director Ernie Soehl has agreed to two “pilot programs” to address “driver shortages.”

yrc_thumb.jpgThe real issue is YRC, Holland and New Penn cannot hire and keep qualified drivers at the concessionary wages they currently pay. Raise the wages and drivers will work. That’s what needs to be won in the current bargaining round; Hoffa and Soehl need to deliver that for current and future Teamsters.

The first Memorandum of Agreement (MOU) allows use of the 34-hour reset rule and 70 hours in 8 days. Both are voluntary and could lead to higher earnings, but also present issues over dispatch rights, bids, etc. Even with the protections outlined in the MOU, these can be potentially abused and will need enforcement.

With the second MOU, non-CDL drivers will be hired (or dock workers utilized) at $20/hour because the company can’t find and hire CDL drivers with a concessionary wage progression.

But the real answer is raise the rates, and add to the Teamster board, and the companies will get qualified applicants. Again, all this needs to be negotiated and delivered with the next contract.

Hoffa and Ernie Soehl have to understand that the solutions to issues at the YRC companies aren’t a constant flow of MOUs. We need to win better wages. That will grow and stabilize the work force, with Teamsters who move the freight efficiently.

Teamster members know this, it time for Hoffa and Soehl to make this happens in 2019.

The two MOUs are available here.

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  • Dirk Hoogakker
    commented 2018-12-06 02:50:28 -0500
    Smart enough? Sure they are, but will they? The International has been consessionary since the 1994 strike. An apples to apples cost comparison of Teamster to non union wage fringe benefit package = better at several non union companies compared to YRC with the $.25 on the dollar for pension contributions. Join the men working to get out the vote. Someone not voting counts as accepting the contract. I don’t know how you can get other barns to vote other than personal contacts with facebook and such. Also another way for fixing a driver shortage is get rid of less profitable freight.
  • No name Please
    commented 2018-11-30 09:35:07 -0500
    Nation wide driver shortage should give us leverage..
    Do you think they’re smart enough to use that for bargaining purposes?
  • Dirk Hoogakker
    commented 2018-11-26 14:42:01 -0500
    The IBT is not on your side. The MOU where you lost full pension payments was not asked for by YRC. It was a gift from the IBT. Wake up your apathetic brothers. A man not voting counts as a yes.
  • John Gibson
    commented 2018-11-20 20:13:55 -0500
    Ps. If the Union doesnt fight for us….YRC is in good shape ,they have reinvested wisely, the economy is growing. Freight is balls to the wall at other freight companies. YRC, like UPS, is purposely not picking up freight. We have had, for- 4 years, have had someone, or several on the inside, at the YRC committee table. Not one news letter, e-mail, text, Robo call. What did we pay them? Why did we pay them extra for doing a job we hired them to do. They, Just like YRC, seem to be looking out for themself, not the Teamster member.
  • John Gibson
    commented 2018-11-20 19:51:02 -0500
    This another way to get us to work 70 hours at below scale, while they continue to keep the MOU. YRC can raise pay at any time. If we say yes, to 70, then they know we will not fight for a good contract
  • Michael Whitworth
    commented 2018-11-19 21:21:50 -0500
    I want my week of vacation back and 15% reduction reversed plus a wage increase with full pension payments.
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