Building Teamster Power in 2012

In 2012, TDU members are making plans to improve our contracts, defend our benefits, run for local union office, and get more members informed and involved in our union.

It’s no secret our union is facing tough times—TDU members are doing something about it.

Are you ready to do your part? Get in touch with us and get started today.

“The UPS, freight, and UPS Freight contracts all expire next year and we’re gearing up to make sure members’ voices are heard.

“We’re reaching out to members from different companies with Teamster Voice. We held a TDU meeting to share ideas about how members can work together to enforce our contracts and rebuild member solidarity.

“TDU gives us the information, the experience, and the resources to push for the contracts we deserve.”

– Matt Taibi, Providence, R.I., UPS, Local 251

“The NY-NJ chapter brings Teamsters from every industry together—warehouse, bakery, freight, movers, UPS, public sector, you name it.

“And we’re growing because we’re the best source of information and we get members involved.

“Our union is only as strong as we make it. So get involved with TDU to get our union back on the right course.”

– Noreen Hollingsworth, Co-Chair TDU Steering Committee New York City, TLC, Local 237

“At ABF we lose more grievances than we win, and we’re not the only ones in our local.

“You can sit around and complain to the other drivers. Or you can get involved and do something about it. We just had our first TDU meeting of the year to try to push for real change in Indy.”

– Geneva Huneycutt, TDU Steering Committee, Indianapolis, ABF, Local 135



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