Charges Against Ken Hall Settled

The Independent Investigations Officer has withdrawn the charges against Ken Hall for obstruction as part of a settlement with the International Union. 


As General Secretary-Treasurer, Hall is responsible in the Teamster Constitution for maintaining the IBT’s records.

Hall faced obstruction charges after the International Union withheld more than 32,000 documents and emails from corruption investigators.

But in a letter to the IBT General Counsel, the Independent Investigations Officer (IIO), Joseph diGenova, says he was convinced that “Hall did not play a personal role” in withholding the documents. 

As a condition for withdrawing the charges, diGenova demanded that the IBT designate either Ken Hall or James Hoffa as responsible for fulfilling legal requests in the future, so that one of them can be charged if there is obstruction. 

That deals with the issue going forward, but does nothing to address the biggest obstruction scandal in Teamster history.

The fact remains that the Hoffa-Hall administration spent millions of dollars in members’ dues money to stonewall corruption investigators until after the election.

If Hall did not play a personal role in the obstruction, then who did? Are members supposed to believe that General President Hoffa was out of the loop too—and that the decision to obstruct corruption investigators for over six months was made by rogue lawyers with no input from Hoffa or Hall? Didn’t Hoffa and Hall sign the checks to pay the high-dollar attorneys they hired to pursue the obstruction?

Hall gets off, but some top officials are not so lucky.

International VP Rome Aloise goes on trial before Independent Review Officer (IRO) Barbara Jones on March 14. Hoffa’s Executive Assistant Willie Smith will has an IBT corruption hearing set for March 21.

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  • David Thayer Sr.
    commented 2018-03-13 05:16:32 -0400
    why would anyone feel soory for this piece of crap,hall and hoffa both belong un prison,spending our money by the millions to fight corruption charges that they were guilty off,i still cant understand why no one has gone to prison for stealing our money,we tske cuts and they have the balls to spend millions of our money for lawyers to fight corruption charges,they should of spent their own money and should be forced to pay back our fund.
  • David Thayer Sr.
    commented 2017-03-04 07:47:32 -0500
    Another corrupt trustee gets off,how much did it cost of our pension money to get him off.he should of went to prison,if he was innocent then why did they refuse to hand over 35000 documents to the investigators.the teamsters union is shit,it’s corrupt,it spends money that does not belong to them,every god dam week ups took a portion of my pay and have to the union for my pension,I only had 20 years in and only get 1000 a month with no health insurance,and never have I got a cost of living increase.we worked under a contract saying what we would get for our pension,the teamsters signed it,so I can’t see how our money is not there.if we can’t pay our home loans or car loans we can’t say to the bank I can’t afford to pay this much anymore so in going to pay what I think I can,if we did that they would take our homes and cars,as far as in concernd Hoffa ,bogaro and who ever else signed these contracts should be fired,they sure as hell should not be being paid the amount they are for failing,and Thier pensions should take cuts more than us,they never paid into the fund but yet Thier pensions are paid by our fund and Thier salaries.
  • Bruce Swearingen
    commented 2017-02-25 19:32:25 -0500

    So like MLB… there will be a
    designated " player" to be in
    the rotation..for culpability!
  • edward martin
    commented 2017-02-25 07:10:49 -0500
    can’t believe hall got away with this sad day again to be a teamster!!
  • Danny Scampanio
    commented 2017-02-24 18:00:28 -0500
    Hoffa’s been living the high life for so long his days are numbered .He’s a thief ,punk…….
  • Danny Scampanio
    commented 2017-02-24 17:52:59 -0500
    That crook, used the teamsters money to get off all the charges against him, from crooked payed off lawyers, judges, what’s that say about American Justice. I had it with Hoffa And Hall living the American dream while the teamsters are suffering everyday.
  • Bruce Swearingen
    commented 2017-02-24 15:46:37 -0500
    $$LAWYERS n LOVE $$

    The election gets certified..,Hall having gotten a “winky wink”
    from the ei ei yo.
    A couple months later Hoffa retires., VIOLA
    Hoffa >Fitzsimmons all over again, with a permanent "smoky room "
    Lawyers n LOVE oversight board setting up shop in the marble pal
    ace! Just a couple blocks away from K Street law offices!
    Ever feel like your being PLAYED?
  • Bruce Swearingen
    commented 2017-02-22 11:28:22 -0500
    $ LAWYERS n LOVE $

    Can the luniacal right serve the common , in any capacity?
    Rehtorical question !
  • Michael Cinelli
    commented 2017-02-22 05:23:32 -0500
    This is ridiculous top union officials can do what ever they want . Where is the investigation going under the rug again . Just like in New York no comment from everyone . So tired of this
  • Bruce Swearingen
    commented 2017-02-21 20:49:12 -0500
    $ LAWYERS n LOVE $

    is this attn. serious …?
    Part of the solution…or part of a decades old problem?
  • Bruce Swearingen
    commented 2017-02-21 20:40:53 -0500
    $LAWYERS n LOVE $ Hall gets another chance? WTF
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