Uniting for Change

January 28, 2013: Hundreds of Teamsters packed their union meeting on Sunday to back bylaws reforms and new rights for members in Providence Local 251.

General membership meetings in Providence don't usually look like this. But Teamsters in Local 251 are tired of business as usual.

Hundreds of members packed the monthly membership meeting to deliver petitions signed by more than 1,200 Teamsters.

At the meeting, members officially proposed changes to the Local 251 bylaws to win the right to elect shop stewards and contract negotiating committees and to have a vote on increases in officer salaries.

Petitions were submitted by hospital workers, UPS full-timers and part-timers, freight Teamsters from New Penn and YRC, and Teamsters from local companies like Bradford Soap and Don Mar.

"It's inspiring to see Teamsters from so many different kinds of jobs coming together behind a common goal," said UPS driver Matt Taibi.


I have been working nonstop to help make this happen like the rest of us and I can say we could have not done this without the help of Tdu.  I thank you for your help and surrport and for all that you do in fighting for rank and file rights in the union.  Your brother and friend Matt Maini local 251.  

Congratulations on getting this far and I wish you the best for the next three months.  I am sure you will get your amendments passed.  I know that you have worked really hard for quite sometime to get to this point.  You reformers at local 251 deserve tremendous credit for what you are doing within your local.

Continued success,


Stephen Mohan

Local 584


Thanks Stephen hope that you are doing ok?  We will get this done. Always your friend and always your brother be well.  Stop by sometime we can get weiners on smith st it's on me! 

Congratulations!  You folks are doing great.  Look forward to progressive reform leadership in 251 next year.