UPS Freight Negotiations to Resume April 15

UPDATED March 28, 2013: Negotiations have been suspended until April 15. The company has proposed moving all UPS Package workers from company to union health and welfare plans, and the union expects a similar proposal from the company for UPS Freight.

Hall stated that the company and union are "light years apart" on the economic proposals. The company is offering a $500 lump sum bonus for full time for each year of the contract and a $250 bonus per year for casuals instead of any wage increase for the next four years! We need real wage increases—if inflation is 3% we need 75¢ per year just to avoid going backwards.

Hall said the union would not agree to paying "one cent more" on health coverage beyond what Teamsters are paying now.

Hall reported that subcontracting must be addressed before any agreement can be accepted. He stated that the goal was to have all road drivers back to work and working a full week. Hall remarked, "We have to make sure we end subcontracting with this contract." Amen.

Subcontracting means giving away Teamster jobs and should be a deal-breaker for the contract.

Hall said progress had been made in a number of other areas but did not report on them. He said there were tentative agreements on language for: bumping rights; more full-time jobs for casuals; protections for disqualified drivers; lay off recall rights; transfer rights; expansion of rights for military service; and cooperation on attaining CDL License.

Members will want to examine the language on these critical issues to see if it meets our needs, or should be renegotiated.

Bargaining continues this week in Florida.

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UPS Freight Drivers are being harassed and fired for dishonesty like small pack. Where's the article change for us or are they going to tell us like last contract and convince us that this is a good contract it's the secound contract. From what i seen so far they really have not reached the real issues. There's 3 drivers in Cleveland that are being severely psychologically harassed. 3 drivers quit and are employed with a competitor making lower wages and these drivers just reached top rate. UPS Freight is just as hostile as UPS small pack. They can take that lump sum back and reconsider their proposal because there's a lot of unhappy employees that are not going to accept or tolerate their bs any longer. That equals to $41.66 per month full time and $20.83 part time. Let UPS Freight know we are digging in and holding our ground, they pissed off a lot good employees that hard workers without any recognition. Just psychological warfare that's our thank you.

I think we need to educate those drivers who drive for the contractors, the job that they can have if they stand with us. 


Also,I know that there is language in the National Master  Freight Agreement that could benefit the owner operators too and we could implement this the same  way in the UPSF agreement.


What prevents us from doing this?