VOTE NO on Proposed UPS Freight Contract

Help Make This Happen at Your Terminal

As members get a chance to see the tentative agreement at UPS Freight, they are saying it fails to measure up.  

It does not even measure up to the first contract on some critical issues, including wages.

Paul Boegel, a Local 657 driver in Austin Texas, summed it up: "The proposed contract doesn't add up to enough to vote for it. I plan to vote NO and am organizing in Texas and via the internet to get UPS Freight Teamsters to turn it down. Help me make that happen in your terminal."

UPS Freight members in Louisville Local 89 met last weekend, and then Local 89's Executive Board recommended rejection, because it fails to meet the needs of the members. That is the feedback we are hearing from other union meetings.

You can download a leaflet for distribution in your area. Spread the word. You can make a difference. 

Click here to download the proposed tentative agreement. Answers to FAQs on the contract voting process are available here.



One real simple way to look at the new proposal. Under the current contract, we are receiving a $4.325 per hour pay increase. And when a lot of us saw this for the first time, we were less than thrilled and vowed to do better "the next time". Well, the next time is here, and our representatives have agreed to present us with a $2.00 per hour increase over the next 5 years. I understand our brothers at package have been represented a lot longer than we have and deserve to make what they do, but we were also led to believe that over time, we would gradually close the wage gap with package. I have not seen the proposed wages for package, but as indicated in a flyer on this web-site, they have a tentative agreement for a $3.90 wage increase over the life of the contract. This alone should be enough to make any UPS Freight Teamster vote NO on this contract. But when you look at pensions, the moving around of discretionary and holidays off, rather than an increase in days off, the diminished authority of Shop Stewards, and I could go on and on, I am voting NO, and I am encouraging all other members that I talk to to do the same.

I need to clarify something I stated in the above comment. I know that on face value, the proposal calls for a $2.50 per hour wage increase. When I spoke of the $2.00 per hour wage increase in the proposed contract, I was basing it on the fact that in the last 2 years of the contract, the increase is split. Also, we do not realize a pay increase in August of this year from the proposed contract. The increase we get in August is the other half of the $0.90 from the current contract, or $0.45. The proposal doesn't grant us an increase until 1-1-14. Also, I have not seen anything about how we are going to be affected by the Central States Health Plan. All I have read is how it will impact the package members. We pay monthly premiums and co-pays. Does anyone know how we will be affected?

Overnight do not concern yourself with UPS employees salary and benefits. We built and sacrificed on strike line.I am concern UPS will move our work with Overnight. Therefore,we need strong language that Overnight does not move any work to or from UPS facility. Also, Senority @UPS should rank ahead of any Overnight worker. We bought Overnight. We did not merge and Overnight did not purchase UPS.

I agree there needs to be strong language to prevent ups and ups freight ( overnite no longer exists) from doing each others work. However, we are equal union brothers with common goals. Let us not lose sight of that which matters most. We have been through 2 hard fought organizing campaigns, and spent 8 months on strike through a bargaining order. We have no doubt earned our share of respect. If any of us want to demand the contracts we have earned. Standing united is the only path to victory. It's not ups v/s ups freight, it is teamster brothers v/s a corporate giant.

As long as the lhd board it's apart of the contract I think we should vote no.they are saying lhd would just take over what the contractors are doing now but they can do that without creating a new position and making them union there is a hidden agenda I feel once this is voted in they will starve road drivers out I also feel once voted in you will never see a new road driver hired I'm pretty you but I can remember seeing countless sets of conway trailers going down the road since they brought they're truck load on seeing con way sets are far and few the only people this lhd division benefits is the company and the union with two to three thousand more drivers paying dues at a minimum of 47 dollars per month

steve sadler 299 detroit we are voteing no pension sucks in section 6 retirement it says payable at normal retirement age that means on more 55 and 30  come on guys were smarter then that 

sorry no more 55 and 30 retire at age 60 or later thats ups definition that sucks vote no

Why is everyone surprised? First the Local 705 IBT promised Overnite workers we would have OUR OWN CONTRACT if we voted for the union. Now 5 years later we are moving backwards. Funny considering the 705 Slate is called Moving Forward!! Once again deceived and ignored. No wonder union membership is on the slide downward. All you have to read is how the Union Negoitators cut the legs off THEIR OWN STEWARDS with the information requests in the tenative agreement. Cowards! This contract is a joke. And our local doesn't have the integrity to step up to the plate once again hiding behind the famous quote "f you don't vote for it you won't have any protection when the current contract expires." How Typical. Keep taking all of our dues money and making excuses for non-representation. 

I've been a casual for 5 years at UPSF and I can honestly say that casual employees have once again gotten the shaft when it comes to wages, vacation (1 paid week after 5 years and no more), pension, etc. At a guarAntee on only 20 hours (although we work 40 most weeks) the $.50 doesn't cover the new cost of health and union dues. VOTE NO!

Well my brothers & yes you are my brothers, i was took me 1.2 year and soooo to get the union. And no we do not support taking any packages or bulk from our big brown brothers. i'm fighting that now as i type, but we need to help each other support each barn...that's what UPS wants for everyone to fight...sooo please don't let it happen. let's work as one to meet the needs, brothers. work as one, build as one be ONE.

Local 100 member Brett Baker

If this contract goes through we will all be jobless in no time. We have to get a grip on the contractors and vote down this Jr road board. Right now the drivers are under attack, if this passes the dock will be next. The dock could easily face it's own form of contractors "lumpers." I use to work at US Food Service (union company) and that's what happened there. They used lumpers (contract fork drivers) to unload and load all contractor freight. You will have scabs on your own dock steeling your work and you will look back on this contract and wish this was one of your main concerns. The Jr Road board and contractors have to be dealt with to keep us strong as a whole. 

There are many issues that call for a "NO VOTE"  this is just one that really should concern us all and you ask why would the union allow a Jr Road board? Cause the drivers may only be making 80% of the normal wage but they will still be paying union dues. Yes, our union supports the company paying drivers .42cpm instead of the 65cpm. No pay for hooks. I wonder who they will work. I already have to be forced to drive tired all the time cause I sat waiting for a work call as ups freight sends my work with contractors. Ups freight does not care about us. The teamsters don't care either! Ups boasts record profits off our backs! Don't be a stepping stool. Please VOTE "NO"!