International Union Takes Claims of "Unanimous Approval" Too Far

May 29, 2013: The IBT has sent out a mailing listing every local officer by name that was at the two-person meeting in Washington, claiming they "unanimously approve" of the contract.

The list includes officers who are urging a No Vote and even lists the officers from Louisville Local 89 whose website includes a long explanation about why members should vote no.

The "unanimous support" lie is especially outrageous at UPS Freight where many local unions are not supporting the first offer.

The truth is a large number of officers abstained on the motion to approve the UPS and UPS Freight contracts until the changes could be carefully reviewed and discussed with members.

If the Hoffa-Hall administration really believed in what they've negotiated, would they really have to pretend that support is "unanimous"?


The Company lies. There is no integrity within the management ranks of UPS. The company condones the behavior and even rewards it. It is no surprise, then, that the Union would do the same. Shame on the Union. This contract is disgusting. It increases costs for Teamsters. It reduces choice, forcing Teamsters to switch pharmacies and doctors, dentists, and other providers.

This is a rip-off. Time is coming Americans - including Teamsters - will not stand for this any longer. ANY ONE involved in the taking away of freedom from Teamsters will be held accountable as traitors.