UPS Freight Members Say 'Vote No!'

May 24, 2013: Teamsters around the country report the proposed UPS Freight contract fails to measure up. It doesn't even measure up to the first contract—one they found sorely lacking over the last five years.

The wage increase is $2.50 over five years—$1.50 less than the previous contract. The health insurance plan is modified and members are still expected to pay a premium. The current pension plan is frozen and a new version has been proposed. All this from a company that has cleared billions over the past five years.

Mike Simberger and John Wisniewski at
the St. Louis Local 600 Contract meeting.

A big issue is subcontracting that was killing jobs and undermining our union. For this, the deal proposes Line Haul Driver language that creates a lower tier wage rate and benefits package. It introduces nonunion pay and conditions to a highly profitable union company.

Paul Boegel, a Local 657 driver in Austin, Texas summed it up, "The proposed contract doesn't add up to enough to vote for it. I plan to vote NO and am organizing in Texas and via the internet to get UPS Freight Teamsters to turn it down. Help me make that happen in your terminal."

The officers and stewards at Local 89, Louisville, Kentucky agreed. They recommended a no vote to their members at UPS Freight.

If you want to help organize for a better contract visit, send us a message or call TDU: 313-842-2600.

Stay informed. Learn what this contract means for UPS Freight members. Download contract bulletins. Have your say.

Our Terminal's Voting NO

"The young pups on our board were showing an 'I don't care' attitude. After we got some info on the contract, they started asking more and more questions. We stewards and others are educating them as to the negative effects this proposal will have.

"We're definitely leaning majority NO in our terminal."

Greg Boyles, Alternate City Steward, Local 100, Cincinnati

Send Hall Back to the Table

"We're not being bamboozled this go around on the contract. The new line haul driver language offers nonunion rates and is bound to have a big impact on our dock workers, current road drivers, and our brothers and sisters in feeders at UPS Parcel.

"Lots of drivers showed up at our local meeting with 'Vote NO' T-shirts. We need to send Ken Hall back to the bargaining table to get us a contract worthy of the Teamster tradition. UPS Freight is not J.B. Hunt."

Todd Fenton, Local 600, St. Louis

Not Even Close

"This contract is not even close to where it needs to be. How can we as a union expect to organize other companies if we bargain contracts that take us backwards. This nation's wages continue to decline. Strong unions are our only option to reverse this trend. Unions must demand stronger contracts to revitalize organizing efforts. This fight has begun and we must toe the line as brothers and sisters."

Greg Myers, Local 957, Dayton, Ohio


What happened to the 40 hour work week? I just received the IBT update encouraging a yes vote on a BAD contract! They showed how much drivers will be making based on a 46 hour week?! When did our union let UPS just destroy the 8 hr day and the 40 hour week for package car drivers? They are maniacal most times about kicking us full-time inside people off the clock at 8 hours! We have language in the contract if the company violates 9.5 hours a day! The labor movement, Samuel Gompers, the AFL and the AFL-CIO all fought for that 40 hour week! While I know some drivers love all that overtime, it should never be Mandatory. Restoring the 40 hr week would create more jobs, get the drivers who don't want to be away from home 10 or 12 hours everyday back home. And especially the older drivers who have been doing that for years!


Sheldon Williams, Local 688 St. Louis, MO

How crazy would we have to be to vote yes? I recieved a letter from the IBT talking about making the pension more fair. how dumb. instead of raising local p&d and dock up they want to bring the road down and create LHD drivers for slave wages. this doesn't resolve the contractor issues at all. Furthermore the harassment will only get worse. there's no where near enough protection in this contract. It's not as much about the money. hell we make pretty dang good money now. it's more about better pensions for all, more protection and the elimination of contract carriers.