Hoffa OKs Deals to Undermine Carhaul Contract

May 24, 2013: In April Hoffa's Carhaul Director, Roy Gross, blocked from going to arbitration a work preservation grievance which challenged Jack Cooper's new substandard division.

Instead the International and the employers routed the grievance—which was researched and filed by Local 89—to the national panel, where they can quietly bury it.

Why would our International union want to help Jack Cooper set up an owner-operator division that operates without terminals, assigns drivers in the Midwest to Local 251 in Rhode Island, and pays sub-contract pensions and rates?

Carhaulers and their local union reps should ask that question of Gross and Hoffa.

Jack Cooper Specialized Transport claims to be hiring 200 drivers, although they seem to have only succeeded in hiring a small number so far under the terms they are offering and the International union has approved.

Now Jack Cooper has opened Jack Cooper Logistics, which brags on their website that they can "tap over 400 [nonunion] trucking companies." They trip lease loads which should be hauled by Teamsters.

The point of having a union is to defend good union jobs. The Carhaul Division is failing that basic obligation, and will continue to fail unless pressure is put on them to change.

Allied Systems To Be Sold

In a letter to all employees, Allied CEO Gendregske announced that Allied will be sold to the company's primary lenders, or to a higher bidder. He said he expects the sale to take place in late July or early August.



Dear sirs:

I had been an Allied employee for 27 years. The last 7 as an owner operator. it is so sad to see what has happened in this country. Our work in NJ has been taken over by non union entities such as Fleet Car and Diversified. Many of the owner operators signed on with Fleet. recently our business agent  rented a hall at a local hall to try and organize these guys. 4 PEOPLE showed up!!! Many of the invitees had been loyal teamsters for 20+ years.

I have been underemployed for the last 38 months since we lost our jobs. I absolutely refuse to go to work for these non union entities! What can we do? I am more than willing to volunteer time to try and do something.

Thanks for listening.

Together in brotherhood