UPS Freight National Contract Rejected!

June 23, 2013: The early trend in the voting on the national UPS Freight Contract shows that rank and file Teamsters are delivering a big NO on the tentative agreement.

The two-tier deal to create "Line Haul" drivers at essentially nonunion wages and conditions has been rejected. The inadequate wages and pension improvements have been rejected.

Teamsters at UPS Freight have taken an important step by standing together in solidarity.

The momentum for a good contract has to keep building.

UPS Freight stewards and activists are discussing what needs to be won in the contract. Join the conversation. Click here to send a message and to sign up for contract updates.

You can see the local-by-local chart of votes here. Most larger locals will not be counted until Monday, but the ballots have been opened and the trend is clear.


The cap is the pension is totally unacceptable and our raise should match the package raise of $3.90.....not $2.50. 

We can not afford to go backwards on any item that we already have in the current contract 

health care is a big item that needs more attention along with wages and penison 

and the major issue of contractors and no 2 tier pay 

Freight does not need contractors at any time during the year our freight volumes do not raise enough to warrent contractors hauling union freight.