UPS Freight Vote Results

The vote count figures below are preliminary. Some numbers will be adjusted in the final, official tally.

Vote Totals

Local CityNational Agreement
  Yes No
7Battle Creek, Mich.86
20Toledo, Ohio1137
24Richfield, Ohio3253
30Irwin, Pa.714
40Mansfield, Ohio32
41Kansas City, Mo.33102
50Bellville, IL23
61Asheville, N.C.124
63Ontario, Calif.222154
70San Leandro, Calif.2044
71Charlotte, N.C.1721
79Tampa, Fla.2032
81Portland, Ore.1062
87Bakersfield, Calif.06
89Louisville, Ky.589
90Des Moines, Iowa83
118Rochester, N.Y.314
137Redding, Calif.01
150Sacramento, Calif.719
170Southborough, Mass.1514
171Roanoke, Va.1116
175South Charleston, W. Va.3025
179Aurora, Ill.649
186Simi Valley, Calif.522
206Eugene, Ore.07
215Evansville, Indiana520
217Jackson, Tenn.42
222Salt Lake City8410
229Scranton, Pa.122
236Paducah, Ky.47
245Springfield, Mo.144
251Providence, R.I.1814
270New Orleans1312
279Decatur, Ill.913
287San Jose, Calif.17
294Albany, N.Y.320
317Syracuse, N.Y.1110
325Rockford, Ill.315
326Elkton, Md.513
340Portland, Maine108
346Duluth, Minn.10
364South Bend, Ind.1123
371Rock Island, Ill.611
375Buffalo, N.Y.713
377Youngstown, Ohio126
384Pottstown, Pa.330
385Orlando, Fla.648
391Greensboro, N.C.2467
397Erie, Pa.212
402Decatur, Ala.29
404Springfield, Mass.1114
406Grand Rapids, Mich.850
413Columbus, Ohio23167
414Fort Wayne, Ind.721
431Fresno, Calif.817
439Lathrop, Calif.313
443Wallingford, Conn.828
453Cumberland, Md.312
480Nashville, Tenn.1232
483Boise, Idaho42
492Albuquerque, N.M.39
509Columbia, S.C.7670
512Jacksonville, Fla.96
519Knoxville, Tenn.1529
523Tulsa, Okla.36
533Reno, Nev.615
542San Diego817
554Omaha, Neb.1110
568Shreveport, La.511
577Lubbock, Texas30
592Richmond, Va.3911
597Burlington, Vt.29
600St. Louis3497
612Birmingham, Ala.1227
631Las Vegas1314
633Manchester, N.H.526
639Washington, D.C.129
641Union, N.J.2289
651Lexington, Ky.6772
657Austin, Texas1346
662Appleton, Wis.925
665San Francisco211
667Memphis, Tenn.21112
670Hermiston, Ore.13
676Pennsauken, N.J.540
682Rolla, Mo.04
688St. Louis, Mo.15
690Spokane, Wash.07
693Binghamton, N.Y.16
695Madison, Wis.1411
696Topeka, Kan.13
707New York3493
760Yakima, Wash.20
769Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.1925
773Bethlehem, Pa.1814
776Harrisburg, Pa.89339
795Wichita, Kan.31
822Norfolk, Va.311
823Springdale, Ark29
833Columbia, Mo.65
878Little Rock, Ark.115
886Oklahoma City44
890Salinas, Calif.15
891Jackson, Miss.90
952Orange County, Calif.1122
957Dayton, Ohio1024
962Bend, Ore.43
983Pocatello, Idaho30
986Santa Maria, Calif.30
991Mobile, Ala.115
992Hagerstown, Md.421
TOTAL  18974,244



To ALL TEAMSTERS when considering a contract agreement  dont look at whats good for the city for example, look at whats good for ALL classifications. WE ARE A UNION AND WE NEED SOLIDARITY. And rejecting the tentive agreement shows we have what it takes to be in union and solidarity.

Many, many more votes to count. It's nice to see that some terminals in the south are rejecting it. Puzzled by the Midwest returns though. 

I am looking for guarantees for current full time employees, before creating new full time jobs. We are not working as we should now. They can keep the money in my opinion, just let us work. I don't like the retirement being moved to Central States, when they are only about 50% funded now. We need more information on the health care change. Above all, CLEAR language.

Last December There was a non service holiday for the day prior to New Years Eve, because companies were closing down for 3 days as opposed to the 2 days( new years eve Tueusday, and Wednsday New Years Day), The company decided it best to close our terminal for the three day's as well,( Mon ,Tues,Wensday) leaving us for a non paid day off for the third day.  Now July forth is comming around the corner, and here we go again. The 4th is on thursday this year, and now we have the Friday after as a non service day. Therefore, "No Paid Day" Unless we use a vacation day. As far as I am concerned, the company is closing us down, we should get a paid day for this or language in referance to support "non service days".

Higher starting wages I know this contract proposed that but they added another year in the progression and also didn't help the young guys going through progression now I see the new guys start and there happy and then they find out what there hour pay is and they want to quit because they turned down jobs that pay higher just to work here for sometimes 5-10 dollars less on the hour

I want to know why the vacation isn't the same as Overnite was. At Overnite you got 5 weeks after 20 years, but with UPS Freight you get 5 weeks after 26 years of service!

Was this even looked at?

we need to use parcels' contract as a starting point. what would be so bad as to get the led out right now. and go straight for the gold. we work just as hard and make the company lots or money right now. we need exact wording for all workers and not vague hear say from negosiators on contractual agreements.

1. stronger language in members defense against technology harassment 2. our casual brothers and sisters vacation revamped, they have to work 5 yrs. to get 1 week paid vacation that needs to be changed, to match the years of service small pack is getting that's what our casuals want. 3. Pension; what happens to members years of service members that are not fully vested yet, do they lose that time. Change Pension language dont like to end old, start new, want to consider all years of service worked. 4. need short and long term disability 5. NO LHD. 6. better wage increase. 7. did i miss anything oh no co-pay no premium like other teamsters.

Look, you guys have the best wages around. You joined central states, got the benefits without losing your wages as the rest of teamsters did, tons of you retired sucking our money out, then left with minimal payback. you wanted stay out. You're making 25+$ an hour and benefits, I'm barely making 22$+benefit and have to work till I'm 65 for diminished (thanks to ups) retirement . Boo whaa. Take Hoffa and ups and stand alone.

What now? I am willing to bet UPS is not going to offer us anything better. They may tweak a few things here and there but I bet not much.  Should we prepare for a STRIKE?


1. Company empoyees are what makes a company strong, we take pride in our UPS. If you out source our jobs to non-company employees then you will get non-company service. Like someone who doesn't care about safety and damaged freight. 2. We never ran empties miles from terminal to terminal we had wild runners going wherever the freight needed to go. Now you got out sourced non employees doing all long haul runs just to cut us out of are rightful paying jobs. look if parcel gets $1.00 plus a mile for their drivers what is it going to do if you give us back what you have stolen from your own empoyees? like our multiple over 4000 mile runs at wihch we got .33cents wow that must have really killed ken hall and the local business agent to not be able to get that back. 3. don't tell me times are hard when UPS profit margin is in the billions and they gave the CEOs a bonus while taking our little turkey money away. 4. the greivance process is way to stretched out and with now penalties to push the right thing to be done for us little people. SO REALLY DON'T TELL ME HOW HARD IT IS EXPECIALLY WHEN LOTS OF US UPS EMPLOYEES LOST HOUSES, OUR HOMES WE WORKED SO HARD TO GET AND KEEP, BUT ONLY TO HAVE OUR BIG UPS TO SAY NOOOOO !!!!!!! YOU GUYS DON'T DESERVE TO GET ANYTHING EVER. LET'S PUSH YOU DOWN SO YOU CAN KEEP TAKING THE SCRAPS FROM THE TABLE. GRAPES OF WRATH 1946 .05 CENTS TO PICK FRUIT ONLY TO GET PUSHED OUT FOR 2.5 CENTS

It takes way to long to get to top rate go back to 3Years

instead of 4 years