UPS Freight National Contract Rejected!

June 24, 2013: The national UPS Freight Contract has been overwhelmingly rejected, by rank and file Teamsters who deserve a good contract.

The two-tier deal to create "Line Haul" drivers at essential nonunion wages and conditions has been rejected. The inadequate wages and pension improvements have been rejected.

Teamsters at UPS Freight have taken an important step by standing together in solidarity. 

The momentum for a good contract has to keep building.

UPS Freight stewards and activists are discussing what needs to be won in the contract. Join the conversation. Click here to send a message and to sign up for contract updates.

You can see the local-by-local chart of votes here.


thank god this contract got voted down... there are too many loop holes in this contract just as the last one...the hole LHD division is just one of the prime examples... our runs keep getting cut due to contractors and now with the LHD division coming in, i see the same thing happening (LOOP HOLE).. our terminal has already started training what they call TRUCK LOAD division drivers....... I would also like to see penalties for grievances not being paid in a timely manner.. i have 4 that are 2 yrs old and just got agreed to be paid in February, and i still havent seen one red cent for any of them..... Runs need to be added for the union members that pay their dues

thank God this horrible contract went down. we do not need the subcontractors let alone the new low pay L H D. lets carry our own work UPS. WE MUST PROTECT OUR JOB SECURITY!!!!!!! That is what this is about. close the loop hole teamsters.

It's not so much about the money it's more about the health and pension benefits as well as eliminating the contractors and NO LHD DRIVERS. Several terminals are already using contractors for local p&d so we must stop this and stand tall.

It's about being able to haul our own freight...The sub-contracting has really devastated the Road Drivers the past 5 years. This Tentative Agreement that was just rejected was nothing more than salt on the sub-contracting wound to replace us competely. Very fortuante for us at UPS FREIGHT and many thanks to TDU we do have the right to vote on contracts that dertermine our fate as long as we are Teamster due paying members. I congradulate all who voted NO cause the difference was made in a very big way by this overwhelming NO VOTE!!! The path to a yes vote is to delete the LHD articles completely and input language to reduce rail freight...Add real Road Runs and Real Road Drivers not O/Os and a Yes Vote should be ealily obtained...bye the way it would be a great idea to help what seems to be permament part-time dock workers to have much more easy abiltiy to become full-time dock workers as welll. One cannot work without the other...Its LTL...

It's about hauling our own freight for the Road Drivers. And it's about having the ability to become full-time dock for the dock workers with or without cdl...This is LTL and the two cannot survive without the other. So its way past time to stop being so cheap UPS and listen up to what your work-force is telling you...Add more real Road Runs and stop farming out the runs to Sub-Contracting/Rail...and definitely make more part-time dock non-cdl or even dock-cdl full-time that you rely on so much to get your freight moved timely and consistently.

The language that only allows your BA access to info has gotta go and when part time dock jobs are made full time they should be kept as full time DOCK jobs, Why would we give the company the option of determining which classifiction they could fill?