Teamsters Reject New Contract With UPS Freight

June 26, 2013

Teamster union member employees of the freight operation UPS Freight have overwhelmingly rejected a new contract.

The vote of 4,244 to 1,897 follows negotiators from both the union and the company ironing out a tentative five-year deal in April. The decision sends both sides back to the negotiating table.

The current pact expires on July 31.

The vote is separate from the one covering workers at UPS’ parcel operation. Votes for it are still being counted. However, so far it appears to be headed for approval, though some supplemental agreements have been or are heading toward being rejected.

The contact that was voted down is only the second for workers at UPS Freight. The first was ratified in 2008, when workers voted to join the Teamsters after UPS purchased what used to be Overnite Transportation in 2005.

Neither side has commented on the results. However, the Teamsters dissident group, Teamsters for a Democratic Union, describes the vote at UPS Freight as “an important step by standing together in solidarity.”

It said the contract had “a two-tier deal to create ‘Line Haul’ drivers at essential nonunion wages" and described improvements in wage and pension benefits as “inadequate.”

The new contact for UPS Freight offered a $2.50 per hour wage hike over five years, while those at the UPS parcel operations are voting on a $3.90 per hour wage increase over the same time period.


there needs to be better langue on seniority when going from road to city or city to road go to the bottom for 6 mos. or next bib.

Change the language on full time dock job creation for Freight.

The New language is awful. It is based on hours worked to create full time jobs. Not only that, it creates positions not for the person who worked the hours. The GAF042 facility where I work has over 100 part timers. Many such as myself have put in 40-50 hours for 6-10 years... Absolutely no reason we should be part time. Create real full time jobs or you will get another NO vote.

Set up a system that creates full time dock positions based on % of full time to part time. Have a different scale for end lanes and hubs. Examples..

Hub 2/1 Full time to part time.

End lane 1/6 Full time to part time.

When the ratio is not maintained and work is available, force the company to create full time dock positions that do NOT require CDLs.

When the new language was proposed my facility started to hire 30 new part time employees. The union is directly responsible for watering down my hours and hurting my family with stupid contract language. Fix the problems you created by making full time positions now.

Again, most of us have been putting in 40-50 hours for 6-10 years... doing the same work for half the pay. I for one am ready to start getting the pay I deserve.