UPS Freight Contract Extension: Hoffa-Hall MIA

UPDATED July 23, 2013: A month after UPS Freight Teamsters said NO to the first offer, Hoffa and Hall have given zero information to Teamsters. Now they have signed a contract extension, which requires 30-day notice to cancel it. Meanwhile they remain MIA.

Members from New York to Atlanta to California report that local officers say they don't know a thing. The worst part is they are telling the truth! Hall is even hiding from officers.

Meanwhile, management issued "talking points" this week which ends with this statement: "The uncertainty surrounding the contract has cost UPS Freight significant numbers of shipments already, and more customers are in danger of diverting every day."

We know from IBT insiders that a contract extension will be in place prior to the end of July, and management is telling shippers the same thing.

The only contact from the International union has been that some members got a survey call from telemarketers hired by the union. Is that really the best they can do? Pathetic.

Members have made the issues clear:

  • Language banning subcontracting of Teamster work, and no substandard LHD board.
  • Pension improvements: raise the accrual to keep pace with inflation.
  • No premiums for health insurance: Why is our contract the only Teamster trucking contract that forces members to pay premiums?
  • Raises of $1/hour each year—or at least match the UPS package raises, as we did in the first contract.

UPS Freight Teamsters control their own destiny. Keep building unity and solidarity.  Keep spreading the word and passing along leaflets. Order and distribute "We'll Vote No Until UPS Gets it Right" stickers. When management tells you the delay is going to hurt business, suggest that they tell Atlanta to offer a reasonable contract, and we will all get back to doing our good jobs as Teamsters.

You can download a leaflet on the issues to distribute at your terminal and on the road.

Teamsters for a Democratic Union (TDU) is looking for concerned UPS Freight Teamsters who want to work together to win contract improvements. Click here to contact TDU with your questions or to get involved today.

We can and will win—if we keep building solidarity.

See more at: IBT to UPS Freight Teamsters: The Sound of Silence


It's not only those issues, it's also more paid time off (not giving up a personal holiday to get an extra discretionary day) and combination pay. We should be getting top wage no matter what job classification that we're performing!!!!   At least 5 SICK days(not discretionary days)!! Keep our personal holiday and add at least 1 extra paid holiday, birthday or anniversary date. Also we should be getting 45 hours paid vacation or 9 hours per day off. Most of us work 50 hours plus per week so we're losing a lot of money by taking time off.

The frieght contract is going to be extended at the last minute. To make members squirm. It's suppose to be to pretend we are making UPS squirm but our leadership has already declared we will not ever connect what happens at freight with what goes on at the parcel side. Shame to have such cowards in charge.

I have a great suspicion that around October thru December the company will come out into the open. Just in time for healthcare open enrollment, with an accept or decline message. Most of the proposals in the tentative agreement were not going into effect until 2014 any way. So the company is sitting back watching the show. And since there is an open end extension we have no leverage because we can't strike. Unless we put pressure on our BA's. Just like UPS to cause a division, even among our own International Officers. Very clever UPS, not only are you able to cause division among co-workers but also members and the International Brothehood of Teamsters. Here's a food for thought to ALL union stewards: educate and keep members organized. We are the blood and heart that keeps the body standing upright to face the adversary day in and day out. United we Stand Divided we Fall

Dave, Mike, and Marty, you guys hit a home run with your comments. I agree 100% with your comments. At least there are a few who see things rationally.  Dave as much as I agree, I believe they will never accept your suggestions. Too bad because those are very good issues we should have.

Why are we moving backwards. UPS and HALL is wanting to make our new members go thru a 4 year progression now.  it should be going the other way 2 years and bump everyone up off their rediculous 3 year now . Top pay no matter what job they are doing ...dock or driving.  Little ways that rob people of their hard work pay and UPS to keep more in their pocket.