New Technology for Harassment

October 17, 2013: UPS management has a new toy to harass preloaders and write them up for misloads.

In some buildings, preload supervisors have started wearing scanners, entering package cars, and scanning every package in the load.

The scanner flags packages that are not in the truck's EDD. The management tries to blame the loader for the misload.

Part-time supervisors are being told to have a 1,000 scans by the end of each shift. This technology may catch misloads, but more write-ups and harassment won’t prevent them.

Misloads don't happen because of under-supervision or a shortage of discipline.

Misloads happen because Teamsters are loading too many trucks and handling too much volume.

UPS needs to deal with the root cause of the problem instead of blaming workers.

The new contract is supposed to protect members from harassment.  

Article 6, Section 4 gives the International Union the right to negotiate over the use of new technology. It's time to invoke that clause.



there has always been some form of harassment at ups -ojs-driver ride alongs-timing each worker -pph- missorts-misloads-that is the nature at working at ups and it might never change -THAT IS WHY EVER WORKER SHOULD FIGHT FOR THE BEST RETIREMENT PLAN THEY CAN GET-PENSION AND HEALTHCARE-AFTER WHAT THE UPS WORKERS GO THROUGH-THEY SHOULD HAVE PEACE OF MIND WHEN THEY RETIRE-AND THE UNION SHOULD KNOW THAT AND FIGHT FOR THAT---- GOOD LUCK.