Carhaul Tentative Agreement Available

June 14, 2011: Yesterday the officers of carhaul local unions unanimously recommended approval of the tentative agreement for the national contact. It will go into the mail to the members for a vote around July 7.

The tentative agreement is largely a continuation of the current contract. You can read the terms here:

The monetary settlement is slightly over 1% a year: 30c-30c-35c-40c over the 51 months of the contract, which would expire August 31, 2015 (.75c-.75c-.875c-1c per running mile; double that per loaded mile). The cost of living clause has a cap of 10c maximum per year. Because it does not come into effect at all unless inflation exceeds 3%, it usually pays zero.

There is no specific monetary number for benefit plans; the agreement states the employer will pay what is needed to “maintain all benefits then in effect.”

An important change deals with union carriers buying nonunion operations; for example, if Jack Cooper successfully acquires United Road. That clause reads: “Employer or Controlled Affiliate may acquire and operate an entity not currently covered by the NMATA that performs Carhaul Work subject to terms and conditions that are acceptable to TNATINC [the national union committee].

This opens the door to bringing new workers into the Teamsters Union and extending our union market share. Members and locals will need to be vigilant in making sure the union protects union standards in the process. Note that the language gives the power to the national committee to accept the terms.

The owner-operator language in the supplements is substantially re-written. If Jack Cooper acquires United Road and/or other nonunion carriers, there may be an influx of carhaul owner-operators. Also, the carriers may utilize more owner-operators to cover new business, rather than borrow to pay for equipment.

There are other changes to the agreement, including a tiered-accumulation of sick days (must work 121 days in a year to accumulate five sick days the following contract year).

The tentative agreement is substantially a continuation of the current contract. The wage increases will very likely fall behind the rate of inflation, but there are not concessions which would undermine our contract or union strength.

We encourage carhaulers to read the national package and their supplemental agreement, get informed, and attend their union meetings to discuss the tentative agreement.



I'm voting NO on this. Article 38 says if you take a voluntary layoff(and continue to work for a nonunion company) you LOSE YOUR SENIORITY. THIS is BS!!!

Other carhaul teamsters have to understand that what is happening to 90% of allied drivers (who are laid off thru no fault of their own) could happen to you.

@ Eugene. The language states that this applies in the case of voluntary layoff. If a company lays you off due to lack of work, you can still work for whoever you want to without loss of seniority.

we don't want a contract that is going to give owner drivers with 2 years SENIORITY, super SENIORITY over a 30 year driver.
we don't want to be forced into a lower pay scale than currently exists and pay all the bills for the carriers, so all the carrier does is dispatch the load and collect 44 percent of the gross with no company expenses.

people need to read and UNDERSTAND what there commenting on clearly states only if you take volunteer layoff .if you are forced on layoff you can do anything to survive.

I have seen Allied call drivers back and lay them off 3 days later. I welcomed a driver back one day only to find out he just came back and was laid off the same day. So don't tell me this is a good provision in the contract. The current "voluntary layoff" provision allowed these drivers to keep these nonunion jobs if they weren't confident the job at Allied was secure. Now you're telling them either come back or be fired(complete loss of seniority).

I mention this because now I'm in the same boat. I have almost 25 years in the company and I've been laid off for 4 months because the shippers think Allied is too unstable(mentally, I'm sure). I got another job almost immediately. Do I now give up a "sure thing" (even though it is a temporary job) for a "maybe"? Maybe you'll work a week, or a day, or a month.

I've also seen Allied call everybody back just so they could "clean up" the seniority list. And the ones that did come back were laid off a week later. We have to have protections and this provision kills the little protection we have in the current voluntary layoff language.

Reject this contract and protect Teamsters from unstable companies and a truly unfair practice.

we don't want to be forced into a lower pay scale than currently exists and pay all the bills for the carriers, so all the carrier does is dispatch the load and collect 44 percent of the gross with no company expenses.