The truth about multiemployer plans

Nick Thornton
Benefits Pro
November 20, 2014

Could it be that the vast majority of the country’s multiemployer pension plans are in fine shape? 

The headlines around multiemployer plans this year have not been pretty, so it’s easy to assume they’re all in trouble.

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from the article:"The Central States Plan is the teamster union’s biggest pension fund. It’s also the biggest drag on the PBGC’s future liabilities. No one doubts the plan’s future insolvency. With participants from a consortium of about 1,900 trucking companies, the plan’s imminent failure may have been sown in 2007, when UPS paid a lump-sum of $6.1 billion to leave the plan. Today, most of the trucking industry is non-unionized. In the Central States Plan, about one worker supports every four retirees."