Urgent: Congress to vote today on pension cuts

December 11, 2014: We need your help NOW! The House is poised to vote on the omnibus spending bill, which includes provisions that would allow pension plan trustees to cut the hard-earned pension benefits of current retirees – as a purported solution to shoring up certain financially-troubled multiemployer plans.

Click here to contact your members of congress and tell them to strip the pension cut ammendment from the omnibus bill.

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with the help of tdu and aarp. i hope we can bring a class action sute against central states and the teamster union ( hoffa)  for miss handleing of our pension money. ups gave  them over 6 billion tget out of the plan,and they line thier pockets with that money, than try to blame it on the stock market. really are we all tha dumb to belive these crooks haven't  raided or pension money . i hope we can at lease get these crooks fired.

             Now retired after nearly 40 years, I belonged to a nearly1 Million person union, of that number only a very small percentage supported the pension plan counted on by so many.  When the current leadership, and others before them, were "organizing", where were the additions  to support our pensions? Only the union coffers benefited from the expansion to the union ranks. When Mr. Hoffa announced "we finally got them" why was UPS Freight not brought into the plan (as if any of us need an answer to that).                  Now we are left standing on our own as always. I can hear there response now to the retired teamster who knew nothing of this cowardly and disastrous act,  when they receives a letter from Central States informing him or her of  these cuts,  "we did all we can do to help you" spouts the union. Not one letter, email, or phone call from any of our union or pension officials informing any retiree, or for that matter working members, the fact that serious changes were coming.  The current working rank and file members heard the rumblings but no organized effort was made by our elected union officials to have our voice heard in this most important of matters. The largest voice we have on Capitol Hill basically stood by and watched this whole thing unfold. It makes one wonder whose side they were really on.          No one disputes that something needs to be done but as always the easy way out is just that, the easy way out.  Most, if not all, that belong to this union are here not because we were a bunch of "lackeys" looking for protection, we were hard working men and women who put our trust in a union and it policies to provided us with not only better working conditions and wages, but also a secure future in retirement.          Now that promise is broken, where do we lay the blame, deregulation, bad management, for sure they all played a part, but for this retiree, it is solely at the feet of "the union" I put my faith and trust in you to do your job, each month I paid for that faith, I am now thinking I would like my money back.              Many members and retirees got their info from this very website. A lot of us did what we could to spread the word and try to inform, and I thank each of you that did, and TDU for being to one voice that tried to help and inform us, and it didn't cost me a dime..