Hoffa’s Surrender

April 2, 2010: Teamsters who believe in protecting our contracts and benefits are coming together for change.

If it seems like contract enforcement has never been weaker, you’re not imagining things.

The Hoffa administration has given up on standing up to the employers until the recession is over—at least.

Don’t take our word for it. International Union officials say so themselves.

Hoffa’s point man at UPS, Ken Hall, recently announced that “2009 was not the right time” to enforce the contract because of the economy.

That goes a long way toward explaining our union’s surrender at UPS, YRC, ABF, UPS Freight, carhaul and many other employers.

Hoffa Waves
The White Flag

• Top Teamster at UPS says it's the "WRONG TIME" to enforce the contract

• While Teamsters Take Concessions, Hoffa takes a pay hike

• Hoffa covers for VP pal caught in Philly nepotism scandal

It’s not easy to make gains in a recession. But that doesn’t mean we have to give up the store.

Hoffa’s only answer to corporate America is go-along, get along. That’s not a strategy. It’s surrender.

Teamster members who believe in protecting our contracts, jobs and benefits are coming together for change.

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shake it up!!!Join TDU...Hoffa surrender...don't you have to battle,put up a fight first to surrender...I submit Hoffa was never in a fight...I mean almost a year after our NMFA was ratified we finally got a copy...and I mean to tell you the givebacks and concessions in this 5 year contract are worst in my 20 years in freight...Teamsters can't go out and organize anyone into freight using this contract as a model...Tell me has Hoffa said NO to any employer concessions...I'd like to know just one...Has Hoffa ever said no to a pay raise...You bet we need change...Ten years of Hoffa and his yes men not standing up to employers is enough...A lot of rank & file have had it...

I am a tank haul member in Local 986, El Monte, CA. Hoffa's NO CONTRACT ENFORCEMENT policy is utterly ridiculous !! At my employer Local 986 is allowing NON UNION SCAB drivers to take our work. WHY are we paying dues for this ????? It's time to dump HOFFA...These idiots party in Las Vegas on our dime and do NOTHING for the members. Contract cuts, wage reductions and the whole IBT policy of just "roll over and die because it's a recession" has to GO NOW. Being a Teamster means nothing anymore, so how do you convince non union drivers to join a dying union ? I've heard all the anti-TDU propaganda and I'm sick of hearing it from BA's whose pay is never cut and dues increases keep coming with NO VOTE FROM THE MEMBERS !!! WTF ???