Fred Gegare to Run for General President

May 28, 2010: On May 25, International Vice President Fred Gegare announced his candidacy for Teamster General President. Incumbent President James Hoffa announced his candidacy earlier, and is circulating petitions to become accredited.

Teamsters for a Democratic Union (TDU), the Teamster reform movement which backed Tom Leedham and Ron Carey in previous elections, has not yet announced a candidate or made any endorsement.

Gegare, contacted about this campaign, said that “members voices are not being heard under Hoffa.” He said he intends to campaign across the country, but not assemble a slate until the end of 2010. He said that Hoffa is listening to insiders, not to Teamster members.

Gegare is the union chair of the Central States Pension Fund, an International vice president, the head of the Dairy Division, head of the Food Processing Division and the President of Wisconsin Joint Council 39.

According to a campaign letter faxed to all locals on May 26, Hoffa has the support of the majority of the General Executive Board, all of whom ran on his slate in 2006 or have been appointed by him since that time. However, Gegare and International vice presidents Brad Slawson and Al Hobart are not supporting Hoffa.

We contacted the Hoffa campaign, but Hoffa spokesman Todd Thompson declined to comment.

Elections for IBT convention delegate will be held in all local unions. In most locals, the elections will be held in January-March, 2011. The IBT Convention, where candidates are nominated, will be June 27-July 1, 2011. The election for General President and all International officers will be in November 2011.

Gegare’s campaign letter is available here.

The Hoffa-Keegel campaign letter is available here.

An Election Timeline is available here.



shake it up!!!   Teamster Election startin up !  I read your letter Fred...First thing to do, hire a speech writer...I mean that letter sounds like it was written by a dairy farmer without a high school diploma...come on where you been last ten years, Hoffa and GEB has been killing us in rank & file,nobody stood up said NO...Where were you when highest dues increase in Teamster history was put on us with no vote? I'd like to see minutes of executive board meetings...How many times you tell Hoffa No, ? before you become the big master debater in front of my joint council...we didn't forget Hoffa doesn't show for debates...What a joke ! 

Hello fellow Teamsters. I work at UPS preload, im a Local 79 member and i was asked Thursday May 27th to sign a petition supporting Hoffa-Keegel.  I asked the trustee a few questions and he then asked me to sign the petition, i said "No".  He asked  "why not"?  And i looked at him in the eye and said, "because i don't support either one of them".  "They don't listen to what's happening to the members".  He looked at me funny and i just walked away.  So i laughed when i read this article because i was just thinking the very same thing recently. But we need someone new to be President of our Union who doesn't lead just by his name alone, but with true love for the labor movement and care for the very Teamsters members who make our organization so strong and powerfull.  My vote is in the air for the best candidate. I will be reading allot and informing my fellow Teamsters at UPS Tampa to do the same, not just be led by people asking us to Sign a petition with no information.  Thank you all.