YRC Worldwide resumes Teamsters plan contributions

June 2, 2011: YRC Worldwide Inc., Overland Park, Kan., on Wednesday resumed making contributions to its union pension plans after a 23-month hiatus, but the contributions are 75% less than they had been.

On Feb. 28, YRC Worldwide and the Teamsters National Freight Industry Negotiating Committee approved a restructuring plan to help the company avoid bankruptcy and improve liquidity. Under the agreement, YRC was granted permission to reduce contributions to 25% of the previous rate until March 2015 for all of its pension funds.

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We were sold out again by the international union. They fooled us again, everyone thought pension contributions were going to resume at 100 percent. They got us. Man are they slick for themselves and the company. Appears they they don't care very much about about the members does it? Pulling a stunt like this should be an eye opener for everyone. If not, stay sleeping forever fellow members.

The deal is no trucking company has ever made it out of colse to 2 billion in debt and then add on another 3 to 4 billion in back pension in 2015. I voted no but the weak knees were concerned about keeping thier job- by the weak knees I mean the managment butt kissers and yes sir people. There is no unity anymore especially under Hoffa who gave in to this deal because he got something in return...due paying members still paying thier monthly dues and to heck with thier benefits, retirements and hard fought pay.