Hoffa Sells-Out Central States Pension Fund Again

May 25, 2012: In May the Hoffa administration signed a national contract in the pipeline industry that lets all construction contractors pull out of the Central States fund.

The deal establishes a new company plan, just as Hoffa and Hall let UPS start a company plan in 2008.

Unlike other Teamsters, pipeline Teamsters don't have the right to vote on their contract. The IBT Constitution contains a loophole that lets local union leaders approve national contracts in this industry.

It has become clear that the Hoffa administration is giving up on the Teamster multi-employer pension funds, starting with the ones started by Hoffa's father—the Central States, Southeast and Southwest Areas Fund.

It's up to Teamster members and local union leaders to turn that around. Although so far the biggest attack—and union retreat—has focused on Central States, consider this: When the employers get their way with that fund, will they come after all our union pension funds?

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Well brothers & sisters  yes Hoffa jr. sells-Out Central States Pension Fund Again, but he was guided to do this by Ken Hall  !!  

Have you forgot how Ken Hall betrayed the late IBT president Ron Carey?  Ron accepted Ken Hall as a trusted union brother but Ron did not know about Ken's connection with radical corrupt union leaders that wanted Ron Carey out of his IBT president office.  Which they were actually successful in doing.

Also, a socialist newsspaper reporter in Ken Hall's camp wrote this story in 1996, read it in full and you will see what I mean that you cannot trust this Ken Hall....



This is a big deal. At the IBT Convention last year, Hoffa and Hall and all their Local Union officer enablers made the usual phony boasts about defending our pensions. Meanwhile, their sell-out advances.   More details, please. How many construction members with Teamster pensions? How can these members track the impact of the deal? Which IBT VP's and Local Union officers were involved in the deal?