Five Things the IBT Can Do to Fix the UPS Contract Disaster

Denis Taylor has repeatedly promised local unions and members that he will return to the bargaining table with UPS. But no date has been set. Here are 5 things the IBT can do fix the disaster at UPS. They will only happen if UPSers keep the pressure on.

1. Stop Any Ratification of the Agreement

Taylor's claim that the Constitution requires the contract to be ratified is just made up.

No national contract has ever been ratified after a majority of voting members Voted No since the current two-thirds rule went into effect in 1987.  

In 2013, ten UPS supplements were renegotiated and re-voted after they were rejected by less than a 2/3 vote. 

Taylor's betrayal of UPSers is giving the entire labor movement a black eye. Any move toward ratifying the agreement should be halted before more damage is done. 

2. Hold a General Executive Board Meeting

Seven International Vice Presidents have called for a General Executive Board meeting. Only three Vice Presidents whose local unions represent UPSers have not.   

3. Set Up Contract Talks with UPS

Denis Taylor and the IBT issued statements on October 5, 11, and October 17 promising that he would set up contract talks with UPS. It’s time to do it—and members’ issues should be put on the table.

UPSers should get a vote on the revised contract offer that comes out of these talks.  

4. Use the Leverage Created by the Contracts that are Still Open

Taylor has repeatedly said the UPS National Contract is not ratified until all of the supplements are completed. Ten supplements were rejected. In many of them a majority of members voted.  NY Local 804 was rejected by 95%

The UPS Freight agreement is also open. So is the separate UPS contract covering 8,500 members in Chicago Local 705. 

All this gives the IBT bargaining leverage over UPS if we make them use it.

5. Support Chicago Local 705 

UPSers in Chicago are covered by Local 705's contract with UPS which is entirely separate from the National Master Agreement. 

Local 705 held a meeting of all UPS stewards to consider taking a strike vote if UPS doesn't change its attitude at the negotiating table. 

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  • Bruce Swearingen
    commented 2018-11-12 18:22:40 -0500
    Yeah..come & join the IBT.. Your bargaining unit will get whatever the Golf Executive Board thinks is A-OK
  • Jason Stratford
    commented 2018-10-23 10:49:29 -0400
    1) .I can see the issue with the 9.5 language being an upsetting thing its been an issue as long as i can remember but i do remember last contracts negotiators almost completely giving it away last time so i dont see it as a loss the launguage greatly improves it with making all RPCD’s atomaticaly on the list.. but if your local and stewards are active it does help work against the games they play once they have paid a couple violations they stop . that additional language would be awesome i don’t see the company agreeing to that ever. they are going to bet on saving money in the weaker locals that don’t enforce least all top progression will be on list out of the gate.
    Second thought on the two tiered wage system , we have had that since 97 im baffled that cover drivers have been getting screwed for 18 years with part-time pensions working out of the scope of the language and making a top rate of 27 $ an hour and suddenly 22.4 are evil? i kinda see right through this issue here . Maybe im not seeing the whole issue but ive worked in a smaller local for 14 years and the largest UPS local in california for 10 years. both buildings always used the max cover drivers they were allowed and used them well past the 12 month mark . How are 22.4 a step back wards? the battle we are trying to figt was lost back in 97 not on this contract. 22.4 are an improvement for Cover drivers at least the get gurantees and full tme pension contribution.
    Unfortunately the 70 hour work week was approved by the DOT for package car drivers blame our goverment for that i dont know how were gonna unwind that one it absoloutely sucks i had to work them all last peak it was so unsafe. UPS is gonna exploit this until we start killing people on road from fatigue and falling a sleep. the rest of those issues part time, sub contracting i completely agree with and see our members issues . The above mentioned im not sure how they will fix it because the same union officals that are now raising the sword are the same guys that negotiated last contract and screwed the retiree medical benefits and never addressed the above mentioned contract issues were concerned about. It hink our memebership needs to be more informed on how we got here in the first place.
  • Paul Dillon
    commented 2018-10-20 20:27:25 -0400
    I wonder if the union big wigs have any clue about how them playing games with a vote makes it harder to organize?
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