Hoffa Corruption Helps Employers

It ain’t easy out there. Employers are demanding givebacks and coming after our contracts, pensions and healthcare.


Politicians are attacking unions too. A majority of states now have Right-to-Work (for less) laws.

Right-to-Work may become the law of the land in the public sector if the Supreme Court rules against labor this fall. (See page 11).

Concerned Teamster members are sticking with our union and organizing to defend our contracts and benefits.

In the meantime, the Hoffa administration has their eye on a very different ball.

Teamster leaders should be fighting for the members. Instead, Hoffa administration officials are focused on defending themselves from a widening corruption probe.

Hoffa’s long-time ally, the Chicago power broker John Coli, is under indictment for taking $100,000 in bribes from a Teamster employer.

Two other Hoffa lieutenants, International Union Vice President Rome Aloise and Hoffa Executive Assistant Willie Smith, face corruption charges for taking employer payoffs too.

Hoffa’s corruption undermines members’ trust in our union, at the very moment when we need to be uniting to fight for our contracts, benefits and futures.

That’s where Teamsters United comes in. A majority of Teamsters in the U.S. voted for Fred Zuckerman.

Since that vote, Teamsters United and TDU continue to bring members together to organize for better contracts, fight contract givebacks, hold workshops on union rights, help members run for local union office and organize for a better union.

If you want a union that fights for the members, Teamsters United is the group for you.

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    commented 2017-11-02 20:15:29 -0400
    Having ‘political operatives’ (HACKS) on the IBT steering committee ,has been a complete waste of time for having the IBT function successfully, outside a narrow group of Cronies & their criminally insane partners in RACKETEERING
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