Hoffa Hides Behind Astroturf Campaigns

Hoffa can't run on his record so he is targeting his opponents with fake "grassroots" campaigns, a dirty tactic known as astroturfing.


Hoffa's version is to pour big money into campaigns that pretend to be "rank-and-file" but are actually bought, sold out to, and staffed by Hoffa PR operatives.

Astroturfing (as-truh-turf-ing)
a PR tactic used in politics of masking the sponsors of a political cause or organization to make it appear as though it originates from and is supported by grassroots participants.

Hoffa's astroturfing strategy paid off in Local 804 where his campaign operatives organized and financed the "804 Strong" campaign that narrowly won the local election this month with 34 percent of the votes.

Hoffa flooded the local with signs, t-shirts, and websites. Hoffa operatives even produced campaign leaflets that attacked concessions negotiated by Hoffa-Hall—including blaming low part-time pay and TeamCare on Local 804 and Tim Sylvester!

You can make up whatever lies you want when you're hiding behind an astroturf campaign!

Now a new astroturf campaign is on the scene with the same name in a new local. Hoffa operatives are using a group called 251 Strong to spread new lies and undermine reformers in Local 251 in Rhode Island and Eastern Massachusetts. 

The local front man for the Local 251 effort is Joe Bairos, a Hoffa supporter who members voted out of office in the last election. Bairos was backed by Hoffa Vice President Sean O'Brien who was suspended for two weeks by the Independent Review Board for a campaign video that caught O'Brien illegally threatening to punish members who voted against Bairos.

This time, O'Brien is staying behind the scenes and letting Hoffa's astroturf campaign do the dirty work for him.

Astroturfing was invented by corporations as a way to counter money-poor, people-rich grassroots campaign with a cash-rich, supporter-poor alternative. Hoffa has now imported this corporate tactic into our union. Members can defeat it with an organized, grassroots response.

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  • followed this page 2016-10-20 14:21:13 -0400
  • commented 2016-01-12 00:45:17 -0500
    LOL…. I am alone as a TDU retiree ,,, so sad that I cannot believe that even in retirement and getting ready to be Fleeced by HOFFA AND HIS CORRUPT TRUSTEES …… so sad these SHEEP will be taken to slaughter
  • commented 2016-01-11 21:50:56 -0500
    Spell Check?
  • commented 2016-01-10 19:31:28 -0500
    Jay ,Wasn’t referring to you situation.251 Strong is a slate backed by UPS management and Shawn Obrien.These guys are going to justify why they didn’t do their jobs while guys were getting screwed!
  • commented 2016-01-10 18:34:24 -0500
      This is a soco-ecomonic attack against the Union Members of America
  • commented 2016-01-10 18:29:59 -0500
    • just like commenting calling me a * parasite ???? I’m like ,,what IS HE CALLING ME NAMES FOR ?? I have NO ideas what strong 215 IS ? Let alone go onto this TDU website … I missed the entire meaning of his attack on me ?? I stood strong against Hoffa and his attack against Ron Carrey . Whatever happens to Central States Pension happens to ALL the rest eventually …THIS MT TEAMSTERS BROTHERS AND SISTERS IS THE BETA TEST for every public and private pension in American .
  • commented 2016-01-08 23:21:23 -0500
    Must you resort to name calling hockey fan? You fit right in with TDU. Name calling. Finger pointing, blaming everyone else. Do you even know anything about TDU? Who runs it? Who profits from it? How its Leader and the majority of those employed at his headquarters are all non union? Do some homework “Ray” .
  • commented 2016-01-07 23:11:35 -0500
    Also how and why would you come on a TDU site to defend 251 Strong..Because your a parasite!!!!
  • commented 2016-01-07 18:21:42 -0500
    I have Posted 2 comments on regulations.gov I can prove Voter Fraud and Prove CONSPIRICY between The DOL and PBGC ( trustees ) to BANKRUPT THE FUND ,…..and after much legal advise if Ken Feinberg does nothing then WE know he is just a Rubber stamp .. Voter fraud Money laundering Conspiracy to bankrupt the Fund ,,,come on Blind Louie can prove it ! IMPEACH THEM ALL !
  • commented 2016-01-07 16:13:09 -0500
    John,Non sense here Obrien is buddy with Joe…
  • commented 2016-01-07 16:09:07 -0500
    Ok Union Strong campaign!!!!When are we going to see a serious organizing push..We won’t! the only thing Hoffa has done is make his friends and family wealthier.He isn’t a labor leader.Strong contract at UPS !!!He lied to every Ups employee about our contracts and has done anything to stop harassment at UPS..Also what kind of a man has to intimidate a woman to win an election.You guys are a joke!You are management approved!!!Trust me these guys would do anything to get the coveted executive board jobs..Do what you need to do but when you hang with management your a brother fu**er!!!UNITED ACTION!!!!!
  • commented 2016-01-07 13:48:17 -0500
    Since I am retired, I am no longer able to vote on officials of the union. After so long in office, they discover how easy it is to line their pockets with money meant for rank and file members.

    It is waayyy past time to vote these punks out of office and get some new blood in there.

    Just my last thought, remember all the campaign promises they made in the past? Did those promises happen or was it just lies to get elected? Just the same as politicians, they lie to get elected and then the promises made just evaporate.

    Jay, have you gone over to Regulations.gov and made your comments yet? You still have time. There is not even 2,000 comments posted and out of some 400,000 retirees that is quite pitiful. I don’t know if it will help but it sure can’t hurt.
  • commented 2016-01-07 05:20:54 -0500
    Nice to see Hoffa smiling as he is getting ready to TANK the entire economy ,,Here is a lesson in simple economics ..400K retired teamsters + spouses equal 800K NON Spending retirees .. No Spending ,,, No Shipping ,,,No Need for delivery drivers because Hoffa & His Trustees are trying to keep STEALING OUR PENSION FUNDS MONEY with absolutely NO Accountability ! So by cutting the pensions in half and more HE & THE UNION OFFICIALS THAT ,,,BTW ,,, WILL TAKE NO CUTS TO THEIR MULTI TIER PENSIONS & RETIREMENT BONUSES … Hoffa was over heard saying So who cares ? Just look at it like Hillary looks at it ,,,, population reduction .. No money , no Dr’s no Health care costs and No Medicine bills IF THEY DIE OFF ,..ALL THE BETTER LOOK AT THE SAVINGS ! I have mismanaged and Mishandled for YEARS …. And padded the pockets of some very important people ,,worst case ,, WE will vacation to a sunny country where there is NO Extradition ,,,,lol
  • commented 2016-01-05 01:13:56 -0500
    Hi “Ray”..
    Not sure your posting on the right blog. No idea what your responding to, nor does probably anyone else.
    You sound about as smart as a bag of hammers. Thanks for stopping by.
  • commented 2016-01-03 17:31:00 -0500
    Hi John,Or Paul doesn’t make a difference to you haven’t mentioned how your men intentionally handed material to get men suspended for social media.You also forgot how your men sat back and watch men get unfairly targeted by management.It’s ok because you and your men lied the whole time you were in office..
  • commented 2016-01-02 22:41:53 -0500
    My friend, no one is shouting. Assuming you were at least 20 when joining the Teamsters 40 years ago you may be around 60. I’m 51…we’re really not that far apart.
  • commented 2016-01-02 21:34:49 -0500
    I don’t want to get into a shouting match with a 21year old that brags how much money he is making and think hes got life by the balls , when 3years ago he was getting lunch money from mom . As usually you missed the point I was making and I have no need to explain my self to a child . I just hope for you your great job lasts, and you have no problems in your wonderful life . That line you said union as strong as it’s members you are so wrong you have no clue what is going around you . I started my own business 10years ago I spend your 107k on products for a month so go bark up another tree, or maybe read my post again and look at your post has no clue what I am saying .
  • commented 2016-01-02 07:51:40 -0500
    Let me rephrase my response and apologize for my knee jerk reaction to the outrageous comparison you’ve made here. Wal mart or Subway…seriously? I’m a high school graduate who made $107,000 last year and that’s just the first course of this delicious meal. Second course, medical fully paid for by the company. And for dessert, 3 scoops of company paid pension with whipped cream and a cherry on top. You know why a high school boy like myself gets this feast? THE INTL BROTHERHOOD OF TEAMSTERS!! Were you planning on getting that at Subway or wal-mart Mr 40 years of regret? I think not. You see the problem is not “The Teamsters” in general. The problem lies within the membership itself, with you being a perfect example of my point. A union is as strong as its membership, period. People who cast dispersions and draw outlandish comparisons between good union jobs and retail stores only serve to drag down the members, not build them up and fill them with pride and fight.
    Turn in your book. Go get yourself a job making sandwiches. Check back in with us in a year.
  • commented 2016-01-02 07:26:05 -0500
    Second biggest. After a ridiculous comment like that, your the biggest .
  • commented 2016-01-02 01:50:49 -0500
    it seems a teamster job is not more than working at walmart or subway they dont care about the worker anymore 40 years ago i should have never started working as a teamster if i new i was going to get stab in the back teamster have turned into the biggest joke in the work force
  • commented 2016-01-01 15:20:39 -0500
    YRC? Wasn’t this the company that was about to close the doors forever? I bet you believe the TDU machine that a strike would have been best. What would the result be? You need to stop blaming everything on the IBT. I cannot believe people would rather believe non Teamsters.
  • commented 2016-01-01 13:09:48 -0500
    I understand we have Teamsters working now that were babies when Hoffa started his givebacks and concessions to employers like YRC freight & UPS etc. I lived thru it…All I got to say is if you support Hoffa you get what yinz deserve…Dump Hoffa in 2016
  • commented 2016-01-01 11:38:15 -0500
    wake up Hoffas supporters.be informed…………
  • commented 2016-01-01 02:16:29 -0500
    It’s ironic how an organization who spends as much time and resources backing, financing, supporting etc their reform candidates suddenly has so much to say about the Hoffa/Hall/O’Brien machine allegedly backing and supporting candidates of their choice . TDU does it, why shouldn’t Hoffa? TDU backed and supported the current failing administration of local 251.
    Secondly….it’s not even true. Neither 804 Strong, nor 251 Strong have received a single dime from the Hoffa/Hall camp. Zero, Zilch, Notta..nothing. These “Strong” slates are just that….STRONG. They unspin the nonsense and lies that TDU spreads, bringing the truth to members, opening their eyes to the lies and deception spewed upon them by the TDU machine.
  • commented 2015-12-31 17:27:04 -0500
    You’re kidding right? Did Sylvester support the vote no movement? No, he did not. TeamCare representatives were welcomed to the 804 union hall to explain what benefits the part timers were receiving. The movement did not want TeamCare. We wanted our benefits to remain the same. Local 804 along with Tim Sylvester lied to us.

    Yes, Hoffa is ultimately to blame, but when you have a local union and an organization like TDU making hideous remarks that Hoffa sold us TeamCare, you are just as much to blame.

    The whole Teamsters United campaign was a TDU operation and they rushed to put one single man to the forefront. This man had a majority (more than double) of the membership that voted vote against him. There were three slates running against the current eboard and that can only mean one thing. Division! In the last local election, Tim Sylvester narrowly won with 2 slates running in his opposition. In that one, ocean again, more people voted against the executive board than for.

    This article is just another fable attempt to skew numbers to make it look as though 804 is not divided. Bottom line, people were fed up with poor leadership.

    TDU and Sylvester should be ashamed of themselves for playing politics with the livelihoods of dues paying Teamsters. The next time a movement arises, it would be wise for this organization to stay out of it!
  • followed this page 2015-12-31 06:03:43 -0500
  • commented 2015-12-31 05:36:05 -0500
    where u been rob under a rock wake up
  • commented 2015-12-30 18:58:02 -0500
    more pension cuts?
  • commented 2015-12-30 17:48:36 -0500
    Well speaking as a person who is losing half of my pension, I would say it’s time for some new blood in there. What’s going on right now has not been working for a long time now. So I think it’s time for a change .

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