How Hoffa Can Stop the 70-Hour Work Week at UPS

The Teamsters Union can stop UPS from forcing package drivers to work 70-hours a week during peak. Here’s how. 


UPS blindsided drivers this week by unilaterally imposing a new 70-hour work week through January 14.

Management created the new 70-hour nightmare by changing its method of calculating Hours of Service to 70-hours-in-8-days, without any negotiations with the union.

The company’s actions are unfair and unsafe. Our International Union can stop UPS. Here’s how. 

Step One: Demand Bargaining and File an Unfair Labor Practice Charge

By law and by contract it is illegal for UPS to unilaterally make this change without bargaining with the union first.

The Hoffa administration should immediately demand that UPS bargain over the issue, and file a national grievance and an Unfair Labor Practice charge with the National Labor Relations Board.

Step Two: Tell UPS that the IBT Does Not Recognize the 34-Hour Restart Rule in Package

UPS changed to a 70-hours-in-8-days Hours of Service calculation to be able to force some drivers to work a sixth punch, and to force package drivers to work up to 70 hours a week.

Management’s plan only works because of a loophole in the law called the 34-hour Reset Rule.

This rule resets a driver’s work week, for the purposes of calculating Hours of Service, whenever a driver has been punched out for 34-hour consecutive hours. (For example: Saturday at 9:30 pm until Monday at 7:30 am).

Without the 34-hour Reset, a package driver could only legally work 70 hours in any 8-day stretch (Monday-Monday, Friday-Friday etc.).

Without the 34-hour Reset, a package driver working five punches could only work an average 11.66 hour per day in any 8-day stretch; a package driver working six punches could only work an average of 10 hours per day in any 8-day stretch. 

Only the 34-hour reset loophole allows a package car driver to legally work 70 hours in a week.

The Hoffa administration could stop UPS management by immediately informing the company that the union does not recognize the 34-Hour Reset Rule in Package and demand the company bargain with the union.

The Precedent

The Teamsters Union has stopped companies from using the 34-Hour Reset Rule before. In 2004, the Freight Division issued a notice that the union did not recognize the 34-Hour Reset rule at ABF, Yellow, or Roadway.

The issue has to be negotiated. In the past, UPS and the union have agreed to use a 70-hours-in-8-day Hours of Service method and the 34-Hour Reset rule in the Feeder Department during peak in some areas.

That may make sense to give members more overtime opportunities in the Feeder Department where drivers are not lifting thousands of pounds of packages in a work week and where most driving is on highways, not local streets.

It makes no sense in Package where drivers are already fatigued and breaking down under brutal peak season conditions.

Demand Union Action

UPS’s change is unsafe for drivers, unsafe for the public, and illegal to implement if the union demands that the company come to the bargaining table. 

The Hoffa administration has the power to stop UPS from illegally implementing a dangerous 70-hour work week. On Friday, Hoffa’s Package Division issued a toothless memo and went home for the weekend, leaving package drivers hanging in the breeze.

In New England, our union put the company on notice. Management responded by sending Package Drivers a DIAD message, backing off on the 70-Hour work week. 

UPS Teamsters need to demand strong, immediate action from the Hoffa’s Package Division. They can’t punt this issue to local and supplemental areas. We are an International Union for a reason. It’s time to start acting like one. 


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  • David Thayer Sr.
    commented 2017-12-04 16:28:55 -0500
    transfers should be treamsters auto correct stinks
  • David Thayer Sr.
    commented 2017-12-04 16:26:22 -0500
    oh I believe that.contracts have not been good for years especially with hoffa.i think Ron Carey was good but Hoffa is owned by is a heartless company.i left there in 2005 my son was in an accident and had to have open chest surgery I told demarco I wasn’t coming in and told him the story he said if your not in tomorrow your fired I called shop Stewart and he said be with your son.i went back day after and they told me I was fired I told the New building manager to shove ups up his ass I quit.i told him all you Bastards do is preach family first until it comes that time then it’s thrown out the window.i left and never looked back and loved it I hated ups with a passion.from what I have heard about how ups is now I’m so glad I left.i had 20 years in and the transfers cut our pensions they stole our money that we worked for and paid into the I here stories of a loan from brown or something so pensions aren’t cut but they already cut ours so what good will it do us.not a dam thing.and now I hear you guys working 70 hours they are out of their minds.there will be accidents and injuries and none of it will be ups fault they will blame you.every ups employee in the country should walk out and see what ups does then with their 70 hours.
  • Bryan Janzer
    commented 2017-12-04 12:36:57 -0500
    The thing we have to relize is the teamsters work for the company! They keep enough of a front to keep drivers just ok with things. Make no mistake freight if not their top priority. Use to be, but between yellow buying union company’s and liquidating them and letting ups buy out of the pension. I think their hanging on by a shoe string. Its sad Hoffa and his managment get filthy rich off our backs! We are going to be left with nothing! We’ll find out in the next two years if they stand up for the rank and file! Hope the brothers at UPS get this fixed!
  • Stacey Luallen
    commented 2017-12-03 19:03:38 -0500
    Husband put in 74 hrs last week in 7 days at the Maumee hub, and they wanted him to work more. He has a sorter combo job. I agree this could lead to injuries.
  • David Thayer Sr.
    commented 2017-12-03 15:02:40 -0500
    I hope you can make it to the end.but I don’t see how you have a lot of damage to your body that ups will never admit they had anything to do with. the union don’t care either.its time to get out or go in the sort.who in their right mind would work 70 hours on that job.the first time a driver has an accident because of exhaustion and kills someone ups will leave you out to dry.something needs to be done to teach ups a lesson and Hoffa is not that person he is bought and paid for by ups.i hope the best for you mark.
  • Mark Greenie
    commented 2017-12-03 13:26:13 -0500
    24 year employee with nothing left in left knee after 4 surgeries.
    Total fusion of L5S1, hand surgery, foot issues and shoulder surgery upcoming. This is UPS and trying to get back to finish out. Good luck to me!
    70 hour work week is unfortunate and will open the eyes of the insurance bean counter. It’s a new UPS and if you play football or you haven’t you are now part of the team. Burnem and Turn them is how they role now. Be nice to have some help for my brotherhood!
  • David Thayer Sr.
    commented 2017-12-03 02:20:05 -0500
    left me disabled too had to have both knees replaced and still have back pain.thats what really pisses me off about our pensions that were cut.we gave our life to that shit hole and the teamsters had the Gaul to steall our money and get away with it.i hope the day comes and very soon that Hoffa is sent to prison.
  • Donna Golden
    commented 2017-12-03 01:27:30 -0500
    UPS kills their workers. That job left me disabled.
  • Steven Palmieri
    commented 2017-12-03 00:22:32 -0500
    The 70 hour work week is nothing new and ups is not the only company to use it. In fact it is standard operating procedure in the trucking industry.
    What it boils down to is that you can have 11 hours of driving and a total of 14 hours on duty a day in a 5 or 6 day period for a total of 70 hours if you are a commercial truck driver before a mandatory 34 hours off duty.
    But that rule does not apply to non drivers.
    The other thing that the artical does not mention is that this is when some people make their money and are willing to work those hours. Anyone in that line of work should expect to get hammered during the holiday season and if they do not want to work those hours find another job.
    Am I defending ups? No way. I personally would never work for them. They chew people up and spit them out ,a completely ruthless company with no regard for their workers.
  • Lynn Ayers
    commented 2017-12-02 21:21:08 -0500
    A 70 hour work week is absolutely ridiculous. This idiocy is stepping back 100 years.
  • David Thayer Sr.
    commented 2017-12-02 19:26:58 -0500
    after our pensions were cut I would never ever do more work to make ups and the teamsters more money. do you realise how tired you will be and what about us don’t we get to see our families during Christmas I know I never got to the point where I hated christmas.if ups wants more production hire more drivers and more trucks so everyone gets home to have dinner and enjoy the holidays with their families.and the first accident you have from being exhausted they will blame you it’s never their fault.everyone in the country should just walk out out.with the amount of packages in the system right now ups will go under in days.its time they are taught a lesson
  • Mary Dowiarz-May
    commented 2017-12-02 17:10:26 -0500
    You honestly think they didn’t write Hoffa a big fat check before they made this announcement? Please. You won’t hear a damn think from that fat shit and watch it wind up in your next contract. Keep voting for this ass. Hey… what’s the rule in Canada? They all voted his ass back in.
  • Mario Leyva
    commented 2017-12-02 15:07:42 -0500
    Hoffa grow a sack and DEMAND Ups put employees safety first not production
  • Bored AsHell
    commented 2017-12-02 14:35:21 -0500
    When I was a package handler I would have fought tooth and nail to work 70 or even 100 hours in 7 days. Considering all the money drivers make, I feel like you have to take the good with the bad. 70 in 8 days, I think that is inline with federal limits, state laws may very. I think there are other drivers out their that would be excited to work more and get the OT. I understand some people are worn out and just cant do it anymore. UPS will ware human beings out and throw them away like objects, because it saves them money. Its practically corporate police. I get that part. But I’m gonna have to say quit fucking crying. You guys poop-pooped on my complaints when I tried to stand up for my rights and being treated like a person. You can sleep in your own wet spot since the union staff and UPS are often in bed together.
  • David Thayer Sr.
    commented 2017-12-02 14:17:58 -0500
    i would not do it.its bad enough we never got to spend time with our families during Christmas and now this.everyone should just stop and refuse to go out and deliver.then on top of this our pensions were cut and they expect us to do more work.there is no way I would do this .ups can kiss my ass.and when a driver gets over tired and has an accident is ups going to says it’s their fault or yours.regardless I would not do it no brown box comes before your health.i would be willing to bet it’s already been approved by hoffa.
  • Teamsters for a Democratic Union
    published this page in News 2017-12-02 13:15:52 -0500

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