How We'll Win at UPS

UPS is making billions. But they’re coming to the table, demanding concessions. They got away with that last time. We can’t let it happen again.

fred_thumb.jpgIt’s up to the members to get involved now. It’s your contract. You need to demand what you need, and educate and unite other members to stand together.

This is not a Vote No movement. This is a movement to win a good contract.

For that to happen, the company needs to see that members are informed, united on the issues and ready to fight.

We are ready to Vote No if that’s what it takes—and we’re ready to strike if that’s what it takes.

The company isn’t getting the message. They are demanding givebacks.

The International is signaling weakness. They allowed the company to get away with murder during peak. The members have to be the ones signaling strength.

We Can Stop a Sellout

There are a lot of pissed off Teamsters out there—I’m one of them. But a lot of them wonder if they can make a difference. They say, Hoffa rammed a bad contract down our throats last time—and he’ll do it again.

UPS is going to be looking over the shoulder of the National Negotiating Committee to see what it will take to pass the contract. They’re going to be watching the members to see which way the wind’s blowing. We need to show them a storm is coming if they don’t give us a fair contract.

That’s self-defeating talk. I’m not here to lose. I’m here to win.

It’s a totally different ballgame this time: first because of the Vote No movement and second because of the International Union election.

More than 70% of UPS and UPS Freight Teamsters voted against Hoffa. UPS knows Hoffa doesn’t have the credibility to push through a weak contract. That gives members leverage.

The national UPS contract would have been voted last down last time if it had not been for the big Yes vote in the South and New England. Today, those are two of the regions with the most pissed off members.

We have the strength to vote down the national contract if that’s what it takes. Hoffa can’t impose a national contract that is rejected by the members.

This is not about politics. We’ll take care of Hoffa at election time. This is about our contracts, our jobs, and our standards.

When the IBT does the right thing, we’re going to support them. But that is NOT what we saw in the last contract.

They talked a big game on harassment and 9.5 and healthcare and all the rest.

Then they settled short and put on a sales job. That doesn’t cut it.

How Members Can Use Their Leverage

After the Vote No movement and the election, UPS is going to be looking over the shoulder of the National Negotiating Committee to see what it will take to pass the contract.

The company needs to see members out at the gates, passing out bulletins, holding parking lot meetings, holding contract meetings and raising hell.

Management needs to see members in every part of the country demanding the same improvements on the same issues.

Management needs to see you out there—and so does the Package Division.

They’re going to be watching the members to see which way the wind’s blowing. We need to show them a storm is coming if they don’t give us a fair contract.

Guest column by Fred Zuckerman. Fred Zuckerman is the President of Teamsters Local 89, one of the largest UPS locals in the country. These are excerpts from a speech Zuckerman gave to a Conference Call of 1,500 Teamsters United volunteers at UPS.


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  • David Thayer Sr.
    commented 2018-01-26 10:44:16 -0500
    Unless you get rid of Hoffa you will not get a good contracts he is in ups back pocket,they own him,Hoffa is the one that lobbied Washington to eliminate ERISA so he could cut out pensions with our money.hoffa was dishonest with our pension fund,how can anyone trust this piece of garbage,we in the north east had our pensions cut 29% ,and he did nothing about ups making driver’s work 70 hours,I thank God I’m not longer there because there is no way I would have done it I would of walked out and never came back.i hope you all get a good contracts and shove up ups nose,and get rid of that foolish 70 hour crap,you have families too and want to enjoy Christmas with them not out delivering untill you fall is a heartless company and they will never change,strike if you have too but don’t allow Hoffa to crap on you.
  • Anthony Williams
    commented 2018-01-26 08:54:42 -0500
    I know last contract the union didn’t file paperwork that resulted in our strike option being taken off the tabe of our negotiations.
    I hope that a strike is not needed but the union needs to do their job ensuring we have a complete box of negotiating tools.
  • john faulkner
    commented 2018-01-19 21:19:24 -0500
    hi im in fla ups we need to improve our pensions ups is killing there drivers with 13 hr days making billions and we have to pay towards retirment benefits .nedds to be 30 out with your benefits at no cost to driver family this contract needs to fix a lot of issues every contact we vote no and some how shit contract gets approved.hoffa sells all of us out evertime
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