IBT Signals Early Bargaining in the Works at UPS

March 15, 2012: Speaking at the UPS National Grievance Panel in Florida in early March, Ken Hall confirmed that the International Union is looking at early contract negotiations with UPS.

Hall, the head of the IBT Package Division and our union's lead negotiator at UPS, was vague about the timeline, but mentioned October as a possible date for entering early contract negotiations.

The current contract at UPS does not expire until July 31, 2013.

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Protect Our Pensions

"Protecting our pensions and healthcare has to be a top priority in contract negotiations.

"We also need to negotiate stronger contract language to protect members from production harassment, excessive loads, trumped up discipline, subcontracting to the post office and other problems.

"We need to deal with the problems that have piled up since the last early deal in 2007."

Matt Maini, Package Car Driver Local 251, Providence, R.I.



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