IBT Gives OK for Part-Timers to Deliver With Personal Cars

The IBT has approved a letter of agreement to allow UPS to possibly utilize part-timers to deliver overflow volume in their personal cars, if volume grows significantly.

At this point, the agreement is only in effect in the Western Region, and only in certain locals and specific buildings. We don’t know of anywhere where it is being utilized at this time.

Layoffs or Super-Peak?

A month ago, UPS corporate projected that layoffs were on the horizon, with the expectation that a big drop in commercial shipments would outweigh a rise in residential.  The IBT Parcel Division repeated this expectation to all locals. 

So far, that is not happening, and most areas are experiencing peak volume. The COVID-19 crisis has upset a lot of projections. It is clear that Amazon has fallen short of its projected ability to meet demand.

Letter of Agreement

The new letter of agreement provides that if volume increases to the point where UPS is using all RPCDs, 22.4s combo drivers, air drivers, cover drivers, utility drivers and other options, that UPS can utilize part-timers driving their own personal vehicles. The part-timers would be paid full RPCD rate plus mileage pay for their car. 

The agreement covers only the Western Region, but the Parcel Division regards it as a template in the event the company wants to extend it.  So far, we have not heard of extension to other regions. It covers the month of April, but can be extended by agreement in 14-day increments. 

Oakland Local 70 Says No Thanks

The agreement provides that any local union can decline to participate.  Oakland Local 70’s leadership opted out of the agreement.  Local 70 secretary treasurer Marty Frates stated that “the solution – UPS hire a sufficient number of utility drivers, they can then drive and work the hub as necessary.”

The agreement is a reminder that the COVID-19 crisis has upset lots of projections.  UPS corporate, which projected a drop in volume and layoffs, is now making contingencies for a big increase in volume.   

Paying part-timers unfamiliar with routes the top driver rate to deliver packages from their cars?  That’s a stretch. 

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