2006 Election Campaign Archive

Hoffa Ducks Out of Debate

August 8, 2006: James Hoffa officially ducked out of the August 25 debate between the two General President candidates, by notifying the Election Officer on August 7 that he would send his s

Can Teamsters Trust This Man?

July 17, 2006: Hoffa is playing politics with UPS Bargaining and Overnite/UPS Freight.

“We won it—card check, neutrality. UPS Freight. Wow!”

Members Prepare 2006 Campaign

July 17, 2006: Do you want to see a change in leadership in the Teamsters? Beating Hoffa in the 2006 election will take two things: a strong reform slate and a well organized campaign network.

Hoffa’s Vegas Lounge Act

April 22, 2006: In June 2006, Teamsters from every local will meet in Las Vegas for the International Union Convention.

Hoffa Loses in Home Local

April 22, 2006: The United Teamsters Against Hoffa Slate swept all six positions in the convention delegate race in Pontiac, Mich. Local 614—the home local of General President James Hoffa.

Memphis Voters Defeat Hoffa Running Mate

April 22, 2006: A slate of working Teamsters swept the delegate race in Memphis Local 667, defeating Hoffa running mate and International Union Trustee Henry Perry.


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