2006 Election Campaign Archive

Members Back Tom Leedham Candidacy

December 5, 2005: Tom Leedham will soon be the only officially accredited opposition candidate for Teamster General President—thanks to a member-to-member effort by Teamster members who collected mo

Hoffa 'Dis-Unity' Slate Splits

December 5, 2005: James Hoffa’s so-called “Unity” Slate split into competing factions as Tyson Johnson announced his candidacy for Teamster General President.

Teamster Candidates Will Debate

December 5, 2005: Teamsters will be able to judge the candidates for Teamster General President in a debate to be held in late August 2006, thanks to a proposal by Teamsters for a Democratic Union tha

TDU Wins Positive Changes in Election Rules

September 25, 2005: The Election Rules, which govern our election for International officers and delegate elections in every local, have been improved, thanks to a strong set of proposals from Teamste

Cracks in Hoffa Unity

September 5, 2005: The famous Hoffa “Unity” is straining under the pressure of pension cuts and declining Teamster power.

Prepare Now for Winter Delegate Races

September 25, 2005: Almost every Teamster local union will hold a supervised, mail-ballot election this winter to elect delegates to the IBT Convention next June.


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