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“Let’s use this crisis as an opportunity to fight for what we deserve. It’s time to stop belly aching and get organized. Call TDU and set up a meeting in your area. That’s what I plan to do.”
Frank Rogers, Yellow, Local 41, Kansas City

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Teamsters for a Democratic Union is bringing together Teamsters from across our union to work together to reverse the decline and rebuild Teamster Power in freight.

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Why Didn’t the IBT Negotiate with YRC?

UPDATED December 19, 2013: Some 26,000 YRCW Teamsters are voting on a five-year contract extension with new concessions, and yet the leadership of their union never negotiated with the corporation. What’s wrong with this picture?

YRC Teamsters: Read it Before You Vote

December 6, 2013: The “two-person” meeting of local officers in Dallas and by conference call has approved conducting a membership vote on the proposed YRC five-year contract extension.

YRC Proposal to Go to Members

December 5, 2013: Tomorrow Teamster local officials will meet in Dallas to hear directly from company representatives their proposal for a five-year contract extension.

IBT Leaders to Consider YRC Proposal

BNA Daily Labor Report

The National Freight Negotiating Committee for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters is scheduled to meet with IBT local union leaders Dec. 6 to review a proposal from YRC Worldwide Inc. to modify an existing restructuring agreement that expires March 31, 2015.

YRC Drivers Up Against Big Deadline

The Press Enterprise

Logistics conglomerate YRC Worldwide and its workers have been caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place for at least five years. Now the squeeze is getting even more uncomfortable for both sides, and it could soon come to a crisis point for the second time in four years.

UPDATED YRC Presents Contract Proposals to Union

UPDATED November 27, 2013: The Freight Division has scheduled a two-man meeting for December 6 in Dallas to review proposals made by YRC to extend the current MOU. All locals representing YRC Teamsters have been asked to send representatives for the meeting.

YRC Talks: No Demand for Monetary Concessions

Updated November 19, 2013: Talks have begun between YRC and the IBT Freight Division over a five year extension of the contract. Tyson Johnson held a conference call for local union officials today to report on the initial sessions.

YRC Worldwide CFO: No Teamsters deal this week

Kansas City Business Journal

YRC Worldwide Inc.’s negotiations with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters will not be finished by Friday, according to a report filed by Bloomberg.


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