Rebuilding Teamster Power in Freight
“Let’s use this crisis as an opportunity to fight for what we deserve. It’s time to stop belly aching and get organized. Call TDU and set up a meeting in your area. That’s what I plan to do.”
Frank Rogers, Yellow, Local 41, Kansas City

Concerned About the Future? Do Something About It
Teamsters for a Democratic Union is bringing together Teamsters from across our union to work together to reverse the decline and rebuild Teamster Power in freight.

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Harry Wilson Bags $5.5 Million in Re-Fi Deal

February 11, 2014: Recent YRCW SEC filings reveal a payment of $5.5 million to MAEVA Group. See Item 16 in the link for the SEC filings. MAEVA is Harry Wilson’s company. Wilson, you may recall, is the Hoffa appointed trustee to the YRC Board.

YRC Completes $300 Million Refinancing

Transport Topics

YRC Worldwide Inc. said it has moved forward in the refinancing of its debt by completing a multi-step transaction worth about $300 million.

YRCW Teamsters Take Aim at 2016

January 27, 2014: The voting results are in and the YRC concessions will be extended through 2019. Join YRC Teamsters who are taking aim at 2016 and the chance to vote out the Hoffa administration and take back our union.

YRCW Voting Rules Changed

UPDATED January 22, 2014. 4:00 p.m. The International Union has just issued new Rules for contract voting by 26,000 YRCW Teamsters.

Teamsters and YRC hammer out new offer

The Kansas City Star

Teamsters union leaders on Friday announced a tentative contract agreement with Overland Park-based YRC Worldwide Inc. that the struggling company called the “best — and only remaining — path forward.”

A statement from the International Brotherhood of Teamsters said union leaders had engaged in “round-the-clock negotiations” with YRC officials since the trucking firm’s own contract proposal was overwhelmingly voted down last week by union members.


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