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Reform Wins in Rhode Island

TDU celebrates Teamsters who made a difference in 2013, starting with Rhode Island Teamsters who organized for reform and took back their local.

RI Power Player: Nick Williams

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Each week, GoLocal shines the spotlight on one individual who is making an impact on Rhode Island.

Hoffa files charges vs. Hub Teamsters chief

Boston Herald

Teamsters president James Hoffa will file charges against Boston-based Local 25 president Sean O'Brien for allegedly threatening to punish backers of rivals running against his allies in a Rhode Island union election.

Penalties sought for Teamsters big

Boston Herald

New England’s top Teamsters union leader faces penalties that could range from a reprimand to permanent expulsion for allegedly threatening to punish supporters of rivals to his union allies in a Rhode Island union local election.

Teamsters leader accused of intimidating voters

Boston Globe

New England's most powerful Teamsters leader is facing a likely suspension from his post after an independent oversight board accused him of threatening to retaliate against union members running against his preferred candidates in a hotly contested union election in Rhode Island.

IRB Charges IBT V.P. Sean O'Brien for Threatening Members

UPDATED Feb. 10, 2014: Teamster Local 251 members stood up to the intimidation tactics, for their ballots counted and voted for change. The United Action Slate swept the election on October 31. On November 1, Sean O'Brien began serving a 14-day suspension from all union positions to settle the charges against him. The reform movement continues to organize to rebuild union power in Providence.

Reformers Run for Office in Rhode Island

August 9, 2013: Teamsters in Providence, R.I. have been building a movement for change in Local 251. Now they are running for office as the United Action Slate.


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