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Brad Slawson Jr Busted for Poaching

The Associated Press

Brad Slawson Jr, who was expelled, along with his father, from the Teamsters Union in Apirl 2013 for embezzling from the members, has now been busted for poaching wildlife. Slawson paid an $18,000 fine for illegally hunting deer for a period of years, according to this news report.

Teamster Organizing: Funding and Strategy Needed

May 24, 2013: "A nickel an hour for Teamster power" was Hoffa's slogan in 2002 to get the dues raised by 25 percent at a one-hour special convention in Las Vegas. A decade later, it's time to evaluate the organizing program: how are we doing at building Teamster power?

Slawsons Fined and Banned for Life

Star Tribune

A Teamsters panel has concluded that the top two former leaders of Blaine-based Local 120 should be banned from union leadership positions for life and should pay fines worth tens of thousands of dollars to make up for allegedly embezzled union funds.

Making the Most of Local Union Meetings

March 15, 2013: Many members think that union meetings are just a place you go to hear long reports or to listen to beefs that you don't understand by members who work at other companies. And sadly, many union meetings are not much more than that.

Teamsters weigh allegations against 2 Twin Cities leaders

Star Tribune

The Teamsters held a daylong hearing Thursday for two top Twin Cities union leaders accused of corruption, but a decision on the case could be weeks away.

Brad Slawson Sr. and Brad Slawson Jr., the top two officers of Teamsters Local 120, are facing union charges of embezzlement and other financial misconduct. The charges stem from an investigation into Local 120 by the Teamsters Independent Review Board, which is commissioned — partly by the U.S. Justice Department — to root out corruption in the union.

Former Teamster leaders go into the bar business

Star Tribune

Two top former leaders of Teamsters Local 120 who face the possibility of lifetime banishment from the union on corruption charges have bought a bar in northern Anoka County.

Uniting for Change

January 28, 2013: Hundreds of Teamsters packed their union meeting on Sunday to back bylaws reforms and new rights for members in Providence Local 251.


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