School bus companies meeting with union Monday

New York Daily News

School bus companies will meet with the union Monday to discuss the crippling strike that has left thousands of students without rides to class - but the city won’t come to the talks.

Dairy Teamsters Fight Layoffs

January 23, 2013: The employers are stepping up their attacks on union jobs. Members say it's time to start fighting back.

NYC School Bus Drivers and Matrons on Strike

January 16, 2013: Nearly 10,000 union school bus drivers and matrons are on strike across New York City to fight for critical safeguards that ensure children's safety and the rights of union workers.

Gatto says 854 will not cross picket lines

Associated Press

A strike by New York City school bus drivers that had been threatened for weeks will start Wednesday morning, affecting 152,000 students, the president of the union representing the drivers announced Monday.

More NY Dairy Jobs on the Line

UPDATE, December 19, 2012: We recently reported on the illegal layoff of 42 Teamsters from Elmhurst Dairy in Queens, NY. Now, 138 more Local 584 Teamsters are out of work as Beyer Farms suddenly closes.

New York Dairy Teamsters Fight Illegal Layoffs

November 21, 2012: The biggest Teamster dairy in New York, Elmhurst Dairy, has been trying to cut costs by dumping higher-paid senior workers for years. This fall, the company offered Teamsters a buyout, but few members took the offer.

Fleets Tally Storm Damage, Strive to Resume Deliveries

Transport Topics

The trucking industry in the Northeast was scrambling last week in the wake of Hurricane Sandy to assess the damage to fleet facilities and roadways and to determine which customers were ready to accept deliveries.

Locked Out Teamsters Reach Agreement

June 1, 2012: Local 814 Teamsters at Sotheby’s Auction House have ratified a contract and are returning to work after a hard-fought 10-month lockout.


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