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“TDU will support any fight launched by the International Union to defend our benefits. And we will continue to inform members so we can put pressure on the employers and on Hoffa, when necessary, to save and strengthen our benefits.”
K.W. Phillips, Roadway
Local 667, Memphis, Tenn.

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Pension Workshops: Our Rights, the Benefit Cuts and How We Can Beat Them
TDU brings together concerned Teamsters and pension experts to share information and build a movement to restore our benefits and strengthen them for the future.

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Pension and Benefits Newswire

Teamster Pension Divide

March 15, 2012: UPS Teamsters earn dramatically different pensions depending on the plan they're in.

How does your UPS pension stack up? And what does the UPS Pension Divide mean for your retirement security?

Central States Fund: $19.8 Billion

November 7, 2011: The mid-2011 financial report on the Central States Pension Fund is now available from Teamsters for a Democratic Union. The report, prepared by the Fund’s Independent Special Counsel, shows that Central States has to make 11 percent return on investments to keep from going backward.

Who Killed Private Pensions?

September 20, 2011: Gary Skarka had a rewarding middle-management career at AT&T, along with some of the best retirement benefits in the country.

YRC Worldwide resumes Teamsters plan contributions

June 2, 2011: YRC Worldwide Inc., Overland Park, Kan., on Wednesday resumed making contributions to its union pension plans after a 23-month hiatus, but the contributions are 75% less than they had been.

Q&A on YRC Pension Cuts

May 20, 2011: Thousands of YRC Teamsters have questions about the future of their benefits.

UPS Full-Time Pension Plan only 60% Funded

May 5, 2011: The new UPS-IBT Pension Plan, which covers UPS full-timers in 25 states, was only 60.7% funded as of 2010, according to its Annual Funding Notice and its Annual Report.

Central States Ends 2010 with $19.9 Billion

March 11, 2011: The Central States Pension Fund’s Financial and Analytical Report for 2010 reveals that the fund is in just about the same shape as a year ago, with assets of $19.9 billion.


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