Members Spread the Word with Convoy

Concerned Teamsters are hitting the road with the latest issue of Convoy Dispatch and getting the word out about how we can turn our union around.

TDU’s Leaders Set Plans for 2009

January 29, 2009: TDU’s elected leaders met last week to make our plans to educate Teamster members and build the movement to take back our union.

Mother Trucker: The Diana Kilmury Story

Diana Kilmury went from being the first woman heavy equipment operator in British Columbia Local 213, to the first woman Vice President of the Teamsters Union.

Letters from Our Members

Laying the Foundation For Change

The upcoming international election is only two years away. It’s none too soon to lay the initial foundation for the campaign.

Local 804 Members United

Local 804 members beat concessions and pension cuts, won new rights in their local bylaws, and organized to rebuild union power.

Local 705 Teamsters Take on UPS

Chicago Local 705 mounted a credible a strike threat—twice—to win new full-time jobs and contract gains for 10,000 Teamsters at UPS.


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