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Sysco Buys Rival US Foods for $3.5 Billion to Create Food Distribution Giant

The Wall Street Journal

The combined company will have increased leverage selling and distributing food goods from manufacturers to restaurants, hospitals, hotels, schools and other institutions. That middleman role already makes the companies important players in the service economy: Sysco alone has about 425,000 customers.

Sysco estimates the combined company will have about 25% of the U.S. food distribution market, up from about 18% now for Sysco alone.

Fight against Sysco Sweetheart Deal Escalates

June 11, 2013: On June 2, Teamsters turned out in force to picket and demonstrate at the newly opened Sysco warehouse in Riverside California. But they weren't on strike – they were protesting a sweetheart deal which undermines other Southern California contracts with Sysco and other grocery companies.

Warehouse Teamsters in Washington Remain on Strike

UNFI Driven by Greed

In federal mediation on January 8, Teamsters Local 117, the Union that represents 168 warehouse workers and drivers on strike at United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI), encouraged the company to put its best foot forward and present workers with a reasonable contract proposal that would put an end to the month-long strike. UNFI committed to present a proposal the following day.

Why Walmart Failed to Suppress Black Friday Strikes

The Nation

Friday was a historic day for labor organizing, as workers and their supporters at 1,000 Walmarts across the country protested on the superstore’s most profitable day. Unsurprisingly, Walmart told a different story, claiming that the Black Friday actions had little impact. But the hundreds of employees who walked out—despite threats of arrest and retaliation—showed that workers are willing to stand up to the nation’s largest employer.

Walmart Warehouse Strikers Return to Work with Full Back Pay

Labor Notes

Strikers have returned to work with their heads held high and their wallets full at Walmart’s largest North American distribution center. Warehouse workers in Elwood, Illinois, announced Saturday that they had won their key demand, reinstatement of all who were fired or suspended for on-the-job organizing, along with full back pay for everyone who participated in the three-week strike.


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