Jack Cooper Teamsters to Vote September 6-9

Jack Cooper Teamsters will vote in each local union, some time between September 6 and 9, at the local union hall or a location near the terminal. Members should contact their local for details of when and where the vote will be held.

jack-cooper-main_thumb.jpgAll 2200 Jack Cooper Teamsters should be allowed to vote on the contract proposal for the “new Jack Cooper.” Get the contract details. Talk with your co-workers and cast a vote. The International Union’s FAQs urging a yes vote can be found here.

Questions have been raised about the voting procedure. Local 89 President Fred Zuckerman has asked how members who are laid off due to summer plant shutdowns and are presently working at distant plant locations can vote? There are no absentee ballots, so apparently the answer is they can only vote if they drive or fly back to their home local. 

This raises a question of why electronic voting, which has been used in the national contracts of the past two years, was discarded in favor of voting in-person, instead of e-voting or a traditional mail ballot.

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  • Matt Studd
    commented 2019-08-24 08:10:14 -0400
    Over the last two decades, the “Union Carhaul Division” has been decimated by systemic FAILURES of the Hoffa Administration.

    ♦️Failure to Negotiate Strong Contracts
    ♦️Failure to Enforce Contract Language
    ♦️Failure to provide a credible
    Grievance Committee Process
    ♦️Failure to provide Grievance &
    Arbitration Decisions Archive to
    ♦️Failure & Refusals to Organize the
    Non-Union Carriers
    ♦️Failure to Educate and Engage

    The Carhaul Division Officials, Gross, Moore and Crew, are still pushing the Employer’s Proposal. However, they realize that the Members have some serious and well founded concerns about whether the Rank & File Members sufficiently trust them to enforce the confusing Terms and Conditions, given their miserable failures to enforce clear Black & White Contract Language for over 2 decades.
    These Proposals, or any Proposals, are only as good, as the “Enforcement” can and will occur.

    Electronic, Absentee and Mail-in Referendums provide a process by which all Members can more readily participate in the Voting process. Does anyone really believe that the Carhaul Officials have any interest in a voting process that increases voting participation, especially when they have the IBT Article 12 Constitution Language in their bag of tricks ?

    Carhaul Members flexed our collective muscle and power when they rejected the first two rounds of Contract Concessions these Officials hoped to sell. They can do so again, but it will require that ALL Eligible Members show up in person and demand a Ballot, demand a verified empty Ballot Box, demand a fair and open Ballot counting process, and take careful notes of ALL Tallies. Members MUST insure that the Overall Membership Count of “Eligible Members” is not falsely inflated by the inclusion of “Ineligible” or “Former Members”.

    The Ballot Box remains as one of the Rank and File’s greatest Voice & Vote.
    I hope they use it well !!!
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