Ken Hall Announces He’s Running for Teamster President

Like a bad TV rerun, Ken Hall wants to return to primetime. Hall has begun telling people that he will run for Teamster President in 2021.


Ken Hall is laying the groundwork for a run for Teamster General President in 2021. Hall announced his intentions last weekend at the membership meeting of his home local in West Virginia.

Hall has asked Hoffa to step aside before the end of the term, so he can run for General President as an incumbent. And, he has begun contacting officers to ask for their support.

Here’s his problem: any hope that Ken Hall had of being elected Teamster President died when he sold out 260,000 Teamsters in contract negotiations at UPS and UPS Freight.

More than 70% of Teamsters covered by the UPS and UPS Freight contracts that Ken Hall negotiated voted against Hoffa-Hall in the election. That is not a presidential resume; it’s an epitaph.

Hall is right about one thing. Hoffa can’t win the next Teamster election. But Hall can’t either.

Ken Hall won’t be the last of the Hoffa crowd to jump ship and put themselves forward as Hoffa’s replacement. But Teamster members don’t just need a new president. We need a new direction.

Teamsters need a proven leader who stood against concessions and corruption before it was popular or politically expedient. Fred Zuckerman and Teamsters United are the leader and movement we need.

Hall’s presidential bid shows that the Hoffa crowd won’t give up control of our union without a fight. Members who want change can’t sit on the sidelines.

TDU and Teamsters United are bringing members together to win good contracts, reform local unions and vote out Hoffa-Hall in 2021.

Be a part of it. Sign up with Teamsters United—and join TDU today.

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  • David Thayer Sr.
    commented 2018-04-03 12:14:04 -0400
    we must do everything possible to keep this thief from becoming president,he gave really bad contracts for ups people and he will do even worst as president,he is a thief how many corruption charges has he had which tells you hes a crook.this union needs someone that is honest and will put the members first instead of his own agendas and he isnt it.
  • Bruce Swearingen
    commented 2018-04-03 11:30:22 -0400
    HOFFA has to have a ‘friendly’..(partner in crime) successor ,to follow his illustrious ,(accomplishments bereft) career..lest a HONEST IBT president & regime expose his decades of Dues pillage.
    Look for a ELECTRONIC BALLOT ( rigged election) next .If he gets this scheme past the contracts he intends on introducing it for.
  • David Thayer Sr.
    commented 2018-03-13 05:25:34 -0400
    the government must step in and do something to prevent this thief from remaining in the union especially as fact i feel the government should disband the teamsters,all they are is thieves that took our pension money,made us in the northeast take cuts ,that was money that each of us worked for and they just helped themselves to it,bogaro isnt any better,did he take any cuts in his pay or pension i dont think so.
  • Bruce Swearingen
    commented 2018-02-12 14:44:49 -0500
    I remember HALL’s infamous
    speech at the Paris Las Vegas..,
    To paraphrase..‘UPS members won’t pay co-pays of $90—$9dollars or 9 cents..or they will get the s—-t kicked out of them by the TEAMSTERS’..
    Months later on YouTube when asked leaving the IBT MARBLE PALACE ,by a UPS brother about the VASTLY different Co-pays,
    the delegates meet Testosterone
    was long gone..his meek shifty eyed evasions with co-pilot J. Murphy in tow..looked like a guy who has his feet on backwards & up- side down.( can’t take a step without kicking his own Ass)
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