Management Backs Hoffa

It’s early in the campaign for Teamster President, but UPS Labor Relations has already demonstrated their support for Hoffa over challenger Tim Sylvester. The independent Election Supervisor detailed the evidence in protest decision ESD-19.


Another case pending before the Election Supervisor will show that another huge employer, Republic Services, collaborated with the Hoffa camp against the Teamsters United team. 

According to the official decision, UPS Labor Relations Rep Bob Dunkel became aggressive and belligerent when he saw Teamsters United candidate Richard Galvan successfully campaigning at the Gardena, California building.

Dunkel yelled “I want you to move, now!” despite the fact that UPS had allowed Hoffa campaigners a couple weeks earlier to stand in that exact spot.

This fact was later admitted to the Election Supervisor’s investigator by a Hoffa backer as well as management personnel. When the investigator asked Dunkel why he violated election law and the Rules to favor the Hoffa camp, he had no explanation.

Two other decisions issued in August illustrate intimidation tactics by supporters of Hoffa and International VP Sean O’Brien in Boston (ESD-23), and of one of his supporters in Connecticut (ESD-22).

Sean O’Brien was suspended from office by the Independent Review Board for two weeks in November 2013 for threatening to “punish” Teamsters who ran for local union office. His supporters use the same tactics.   

In ESD 23, the Election Supervisor details how stewards loyal to O’Brien in Boston Local 25 threatened and photographed co-workers who signed Accreditation Petitions for Teamsters  United. In ESD 22 it was proven that O’Brien and Hoffa backer Edwin Rooney, the president of Local 191, tried to intimidate members who signed petitions, and did so on union time.

Management and Hoffa supporters have good reason to be afraid. The Teamsters United campaign is building steam.

Teamsters for a Democratic Union is here to assist members in enforcing their rights to organize and campaign for new leadership and a new direction in our International Union.

Meanwhile, the Hoffa-Hall campaign has filed at least nine protests of their own. Almost all have been dismissed with no merit. A couple are still pending. They are filed by David Hoffa (the son of you-know-who), who is paid large sums by the Hoffa campaign to file bogus protests. Anyone donating to the Hoffa campaign should be advised where a portion of your donation goes.

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  • commented 2016-07-26 23:07:53 -0400
    Access. It is time we begin using unconventional campaign methods.
  • commented 2015-09-19 00:35:14 -0400
    My GOD BLESS YOU….. Oh have a “BLESSED” day…. LOL!!!!
  • commented 2015-09-18 15:38:50 -0400
    Mr. Hariston sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier. I was doing a research on your matter and came across this link which will follow. Like I said before there are only a few reasons people file discrimination. Which I was right, here’s the link Word of advice what you said about the union is reproach. The union could file charges against you. Have a nice day
  • commented 2015-09-10 10:42:02 -0400
    Mr Krieble, Did you happen to read Jimmy Hoffa’s letter on discrimination dated 4/18/1958!!! Years later The CIVIL RIGHTS ACT of 1964 Oh by the way it’s a FEDERAL LAW. Last year PRESIDENT OBAMA signed as executive order (ENDA) in which the current GENERAL PRESIDENT JIM HOFFA spoke out in favor of the bill…… I’m still employed by UPS LOL!!! As for the other "VILE and SHALLOW statements “NO COMMENTLOL!! ,SMH WOW !!!!. Teamster members in good standing and being “Discriminated” against. The US Constitution 5th and 14th amendments is “FEDERAL LAW” that prohibits this kind of behavior.. Also Teamsters IBT Constitution Article ll section 2(a) and (g)… Local 776 failed to follow these laws… Brothers and Sisters it time to stand up! What happened to “DUE PROCESS” and the Members right to “FAIR REPRESENTATION” I’m done…. “MY LAST POST ON THIS ISSUEGOOD LUCK BROTHERS and SISTERS…… “NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER
  • commented 2015-09-09 12:25:52 -0400
    Mr. Hairston please don’t use this page to further publicly attack people. It does seem kind of suspicious that the union and the company both have it out for you, the union has nothing to gain from it and neither does the company. The only thing that could become of it is a big legal battle and I don’t think either of them would want to go down that road. In my previous 28 years as a union member in the steelworkers and teamsters there is only a few reasons an employee/ member would publicly trash a company or union they were either fired (disgruntled), a decision they didn’t agree with from the union, and last but not least the all mighty dollar. So please in the future keep the posts and comments to TDU related discussions and not personal opinions.
  • commented 2015-09-08 09:06:54 -0400
    Well Jim Speed or if that’s youre real name!! LOL!!!! or Typing tough guy If you want the real deal come on for a face to face meeting. Don’t hide between the computer and the keys…My name is henry hairston…. if you can’t read not dumb ass….. LOL !!As far as me being a liar and a troublemaker, is very funny…..LOL!!! Rank and File, rules are rules in Society if we as citizens if we don’t follow the rules we are held accountable for our actions…. So Jim, as a Non UPS employee how do you know what I have been going though!!! Well jim you and you’re brother and myself can have a “SIT DOWN” with TDU officals to settle this matter like true “TEAMSTERS
  • commented 2015-09-06 21:53:57 -0400
    Wow, What a dumb ass. We finally get a team of officers and agent in 776 that do their job and do it well and all you can do is play victim. I don’t work at UPS but I know plenty brothers and sisters that do. In fact my brother is a driver there. I asked him about your post and the things you stated. He said you are a liar and a trouble maker. Also he said that guy that represents the members at UPS in Harrisburg is doing a great job and that man has cleaned up a big mess. My suggestion to you brother is to be a true union man and stop causing trouble. Also the president of our local in many members eyes is awesome and is doing a really good job. Please stop the lies and stand behind our leaders and let’s make our local what it once was before the last administration got their hands on it. Many of of us are proud to be teamsters since this crew took charge of our local Jan 1 2015. Try being a true teamster you might like it. Jimmy S.
  • commented 2015-08-22 09:07:16 -0400
    Brothers and sisters the time has come to make our voices heard and the votes count!! I’m from Teamsters local 776 out of Harrisburg Pa. Our local is the biggest local in Pennsylvaina.. With that being said I’m proud to be a teamster, but My local is "GARBAGE"and Should be “ASHAMED” of the lack of repsentation for the members while UPS at the Harrisburg Hub continue to “RAPE” it’s employees… As a member of the TEAMSTER NATIONAL BLACK CAUCUS the president of local 776 do not support us!!! Humm I wonder why!!!! Racial discrimination hostile working envirement and also being assulted at work by a UPS Manager, and a shop steward for local 776 making racial slurstowards me. I have endured for close to four years from United Parcel Service in tandem with Local 776. What is a "BROTHER to do…. I’m going to fight!!! Who’s with me….. " VOTE" It’s 2015 not 1939…….
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