Michigan Teamsters Organize to Fight Pension Cuts

Over sixty retired and active Teamsters met yesterday to form a new committee to fight pension cuts -- and more are in the works. 

They came to Coldwater Michigan from Ft. Wayne Local 414, Kalamazoo Local 7, former Local 580 Lansing, former Local 164 in Jackson, Local 299 Detroit, and Local 20 Toledo to make plans for fighting the proposed Central States pension cuts. 
These Teamsters worked in freight, grocery, warehouse, construction, and other jurisdictions. Many came with the letter from Central States and most were looking at a 50% cut or more. 
The discussion was loud and clear. No Teamster is going to accept this cut lying down. The focus was on how to get organized to beat back the proposed cuts.
"We plan to meet next Tuesday and lay out next steps for how to counter the cuts, said Ron Johns a retired CF Teamster. "We want to join the campaign led by the pension protection committees in Ohio, Wisconsin, North Carolina and other states. Our goal is to put pressure on our Congressional representatives to overturn the law passed last December that led to this travesty."

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  • commented 2015-11-05 15:58:21 -0500
    I dont think anyone back in 1970
    ever thought there would be 4 retirees for every guy working. Its just like social security, now that the large group of baby boomers that paid the bulk into it are receiving the bulk out of it all hell breaks loose. Its a ponzi scheme for pension and SS.
    “Grab your life vest boys we be a goin down”!!!
  • commented 2015-11-03 12:47:00 -0500
    Why is it ok, for Central States Executives like Nyhan, who is the director of the Pension Plan to take money from the Central States Health and Welfare Plan for their salaries, and not use that money to pay pensions? Since it is one company, maybe the assets in the Health and Welfare portion of the company could also be used for pensions.
  • commented 2015-11-03 10:59:33 -0500
    OK had breakfast yesterday with 36 retirees from Spartan Nash In grand rapids michigan. Most everyone was cut 50% except for 2 guys that were cut 34%. They both retired at age 62 and are now 63 and they worked same company all those years and had in 34 years. Nobody can understand why they were not cut 50%. We had guys go to the union hall and they didnt have an answer for anyone
  • commented 2015-11-02 15:54:09 -0500
    We earned our pensions? Hmm? If you put in less than 150k into a pension, how much should you get out of it, considering the time value of money and descent market returns? Maybe 500-600k? By the ERISA act of 1974, retirees were guaranteed (promised) not to get their pensions cut, but the MPRA law of 2014 reversed this.

    Why should government job pensions be guaranteed? It is tax payer dollars that fund these very pensions. If there is not enough money, the government will print money or increase the National Deficit to pay for these pensions! Should the government fund the Central States pensions too?

    The PBGC insurance for our pensions is vastly underfunded. The proposed Polmeroy bill of 2010 was defeated to shore up the PBGC. Without Bernie Sander’s KOPPA bill, the Department of Treasury will most likely keep Central States proposals, since it was done under their guidance.

    Some or most retirees want no cuts. True, for some, it would be better to collect the full amount for 12-15 years then get nothing, rather than to collect half or less for the remainder of their lives. Nyhan and Central States want to keep the plan solvent, partly so they can keep their jobs for the future, hence the severe cuts. That way they can continue to use pension contributions, for their increasing salaries. Active participants, especially the ones with less tenure at their jobs, just want enough money left in the fund, so they can get a long term, although reduced pension.

    There is no simple fix! Just look at it from ALL angles!!! Most people want to do what is best for themselves!!
  • commented 2015-10-28 13:48:08 -0400
    When and where are the meetings? I want to be there. I am willing to help!
  • commented 2015-10-27 10:37:47 -0400
    You should watch Karen Friedman on CSpan she lays it out just what congress did to us by passing this bill. They want to balance this on the backs of us current retirees for a 20 years down the road possibility. Nyhan will long be retired with a huge going away package long before 20 years. We need to contact every politician where ever your at, no more excuses like they did not know it was in the bill READ THE BILL BEFORE YOU SIGN .
  • commented 2015-10-26 22:21:01 -0400
    They say if they cut the pension it will last 50 years that about 30 more than the union sorry to say. We are all in the same boat. Only reason guys above 80 didnt get cut is they know they will probably not be around that long.
  • commented 2015-10-26 20:31:50 -0400
    Leroy how many years did you have in and how old are you
  • commented 2015-10-26 17:51:20 -0400
    got a letter form teamsters theyer going to cut my pension 35% local 337 leroy schultz
  • commented 2015-10-26 14:41:47 -0400
    let me tell you the guy that was only cut 34% while the rest of us were cut 50% is pissed he ever said anything to anyone.
  • commented 2015-10-26 14:16:56 -0400
    Wishful thinking, Mike. Another hidden reason Central States wants the cuts, is to keep the company going so they can suck contribution money for their lavish salaries. Actually the post 2003 employees didn’t get their current pension cut because they were at the 1% match rate as compared to the 2% for the contributions that occurred before 2002. The future contributions will be cut 25%, plus the increased age increased from 62 to 65 by 2025. This , although not a good deal, is better than potentially getting NOTHING. Don’t get me wrong, a bailout would be nice so current retirees could keep their pensions, but I doubt it will happen.
  • commented 2015-10-26 09:19:05 -0400
    Mike, thanks for the answer. People should be at the hall wanting answers
  • commented 2015-10-26 08:42:00 -0400
    I see one guy on another post in TDU is mad because people say don’t cut and he is saying are you people crazy because if they do nothing the fund is going to run out of money and we will get nothing at all. There is enough money for 12 years anything can happen in the next 12 years. Do you think guys working right now with only 15 years in even want to stay in the union knowing they’re pension is going to be half of what we got when we retired.
  • commented 2015-10-26 08:36:42 -0400
    Alex both guys retired 2 years ago they are 64
  • commented 2015-10-25 11:17:20 -0400
    Mike, are both guys the same age, or is one older. I understand both retired with the same time in at age 62. Are they now in their 70s if so maybe one will be 74 and the other 75 at the time of the cut, just asking
  • commented 2015-10-24 19:45:47 -0400
  • commented 2015-10-23 16:51:08 -0400
    can somebody please answer this question for me. Two guys that retired from Spartan Nash in Grand Rapids both had in 34 years and retired at the age of 62. One was cut 50% and one was cut 34%. Can anybody tell me if central states screwed up on the guy that got cut 34% because he is trying to tell people because he retired at age 62 that is why he got cut less and now people are going to the union hall on Monday morning and want some answers
  • commented 2015-10-23 08:51:05 -0400
  • commented 2015-10-20 17:10:22 -0400
    Least spell Reagan’s name right. Omg
  • commented 2015-10-17 13:10:35 -0400
    I see some familiar faces, glad your still kicking
  • commented 2015-10-15 16:41:27 -0400
    Deregulation, helped UPS, there business boomed under it. They were the supporting central states before Hoffa, let them off the hook.
  • commented 2015-10-15 07:44:21 -0400
    I stand corrected it was signed into law summer of 1980. Ragan was elected In Nov of that year…So your right Jimmy did signed it. When your right your right..Thanks
  • commented 2015-10-15 07:33:39 -0400
    IT was started in 1971 by then President Nixon and though the 1980s when Ragan was in office, And yes Carter was in office for some of it.. It was finished in the 1980s when Ragan was in office hence that is why its called (Motor Carrier Act of 1980). Just another example of both parties who did not look out for us.
  • commented 2015-10-15 00:34:26 -0400
    Jimmy, you are right about the bill sign into law last year. John Kline of Minnesota and George Miller of California. I have to check about the deregulation of the trucking industry but I believe Jimmy cater is to blame for the down fall of the TRUCKING INDUSTRY. What everybody should do is to send this message to Miller and to Kline FACEBOOK PAGE , THANK YOU FOR STABBING US TAX PAYER IN THE BACK. OH AND BY THE WAY YOU ARE CUTTING VIETNAM NAM VETERANS BENEFIT. TOMORROW CONFERENCE WITH CENTRAL STATES IS NOTHING BUT A DOG AND PONY SHOW. UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED DIVIDED WE FALL . PEACE OUT.
  • commented 2015-10-14 23:15:27 -0400
    Mr.Evans,you should check your history book deregulation was done under Ronald Ragan . And the Democrats were not the party in power at that time or now pull the Congress and look at the margins same for senate .The bill was cosponsored by a Democrat from caiifornia and a Republican name of Kline. SIGNED in to law by Obama when he signed the budget…It seems they only time the two parties work together is when they want to put it to a bunch of retires ..I was in the union when they endorsed republicans, ,remember Jackie presser, Frank Fitzgibbins ( sold out hofa) to nixion..
  • commented 2015-10-14 22:38:26 -0400
    Here is a web site to check who is on board with HR 2844 check it out if your rep is not on their ask them why? And don’t expect any help from republicans they will not cross party lines they would rather we all starve. They might get on with senator Portmans bill because he is a republican. Its a sad state of affairs I realize but it the way it is…………………………………….. https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/114/hr2844
  • commented 2015-10-14 20:13:17 -0400
    Jimmy W. Just remember Jimmy Carter is the one to thank for deregulation the worst thing to ever happen to the Teamster Union. Also the democrats were in power when this bill allowing Multi Pension funds to make changes was passed. Also Portman trying to help us so that our vote will count has an R with his name. There is a lot of blame to go around.
  • commented 2015-10-14 20:06:21 -0400
    Jimmy deere, you are not wrong, they will have have people screening all the call and will only take the generic call that fit there purpose.
  • commented 2015-10-14 19:12:32 -0400
    For tomorrows conference call
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