ABF Contract Ratified by 52%

Updated July 3, 2013: The ABF master contract has been ratified by a vote of 3,210 yes to 2,965 no. Most of the big terminals, such as Atlanta, Chicago, and Dayton rejected the contract heavily; except for Carlisle, Pa. Many smaller terminals and many in the West voted yes, to provide the majority.

Some supplemental agreements were rejected, so the contract cannot be implemented until those are settled and re-voted.

Some 7,753 ballots were mailed out, so it was about an 80% turnout.

We will post more details, including the local-by-local vote count and reports on the supplemental votes, as they become available.

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You know its a shame that a lot of dues paying members were not able to vote. I called and requested a ballot after not getting one. I never got a ballot. After going several places and talking to other drivers I find the same thing has happened at a lot of other places.

With this contract passing you basically everyone does not have a raise for 10 years if you look at it. Cause you will be making the same wage at the end of this contract that is in 2018 as you did in 2008 and with inflation you will get eatin alive. Just think how much gas will be etc. Inflation is at about 3 or 4%.

So sick of todays Union members cowering down and buying the lies that YRC was going to buy us out etc. ABF has officially been making a profit since 2011 after the great recession (which every LTL company lost money then.)

With the new video surveillance language it is coming soon to a tracker or forklift near you and the greivance procedure can do nothing to protect you. Sorry buddy you are on your own!!! So now basically they can fire anyone with no union protection if you read it closely. Thanks guys for voting for this. Im sure the ones who voted for this some of you might even get fired and I feel no pitty for you.

Maybe you believe a genuine reason that the company needs to save some money but you know management wastes a ton of money. Plus you never take the first offer on anything!!

ABF is not YRC and they were and are making money despite all the posters you saw!

The modest gains increase in welfare and healthcare im sure in about 1 or 2 years they will say you have to pay now for your healthcare or dramatically decrease the benefits as they did already just a few months ago!

This is a big deal guys!! Now we are screwed!!!!!

Most major terminals voted it down except for Carlisle PA. Make sure to send them your love when you are loading trailers to Carlise PA!!!!!!!

I work at Carlisle and am totally shocked that so many of the people caved to the threats and scare tactics. No matter how hard the rest of us tried to convince them that the company was lying through their teeth. It doesn't take much thinking to see none of this was about saving money. It was about a show of power. Well it worked. These guys caved and the executives are laughing at how gullible and weak the members of the teamsters are these days. They are not done and will be back for more. All these guys that voted for this cause they only had a year or so to go well thanks a lot. You wouldn't be here to retire if our forefathers in the teamsters had the same attitude. These guys need to look up the word corroboration. This will be devastating to any working individual. I too have no pity for any of these people. Just remember these words. I told you so.......

Too bad the rank and file at ABF bowed down to the union and the company like my co workers at Holland did. You may think you protected your pension but you need to do your reaserch. Doug D. Davis from Local 957 helped to put this contract in motion even though his rank and file in Dayton told him what to do with it. Now along with his help the company will implement one operational change after another costing hundreds of jobs except his. His loyalty is to ABF, not the membership. After all  the best man at his wedding was the labor relations manager for ABF. Who's in bed with who??? Now he will work on destroying the white paper contract for the office help! Stand by for contract renegotiations and operational changes. Remeber we changed our contract multiple times after it was ratified at YRC.                     GOOD LUCK!!!