Ken Hall Video: Don’t Mess With Our Members’ Pensions

May 16, 2007: Jim Hoffa and Ken Hall promised that early negotiations would send a message to every Teamster employer not to mess with our pension funds.

With UPS and other employers trying to break out of the Central States, what message will we send now? See Ken Hall’s pledge to the Teamster Convention.



The Ken Hall/ youtube video isn't loading in Opera/Mac - I'll go directly to YouTube to see if I can find it. Many years ago, I worked for both Roadway and American Marine Transport as a casual; AMT was the most memorable (positive!) job ever! Sometimes I wish I was still living in Florida and had gone full time with them - that dream faded many years ago. I've been in North Carolina for over 10 years now. I am a driver/technician for Auto Truck Transport; been laid off since 4/11/07. I'm in the top 60% of drivers regarding seniority and the top 20% regarding productivity. You don't want to loose what you have and ground needs to be regained! You don't want a company controlled union like what was forced upon us through intimidation and misinformation (IAM= I'll ask management). If theTeamster rank and file sit around and do nothing then they deserve whatever happens! Thank goodness for TDU!

Sounds good but was too short and lacked details; I bet TDU will get them and inform the membership ASAP. Liked the Bruce Springsteen soundtrack!