YRCW Teamsters ask: Where’s Hoffa?

January 15, 2014: YRCW Teamsters are asking: where are Hoffa and the IBT Freight Division? 

YRCW terminal management personnel are working over Teamsters, asking them to call the IBT and request a re-vote, while hinting of a possible closure. The IBT Freight Division has stated there will be no re-vote of the same proposal. We can all agree on that.

Hoffa and Freight Director Tyson Johnson are MIA, leaving YRC Teamsters to fend for themselves. That’s not leadership.

The International Union should step up to the plate and meet with YRCW, while simultaneously dealing with the banks to save Teamster jobs without completely gutting the contract.

It’s time for Hoffa and Hall to take some responsibility. Freight Director Tyson Johnson says he never bargained with the company over the proposed extension. What was he doing when he met with them?

26,000 Teamsters jobs in the heart of Teamster power are on the line.  It’s time to forget politics and looking out for Harry Wilson’s million dollar fees, and get to work saving Teamster jobs.



This whole thing is crap , I don't like the proposal , but at the same time I don't hear a better idea , everybody yells vote no but nobody has a plan as to fix the problems WE are facing . With all the sacrifices WE ALL have given , this is still one of the best jobs out there . To all the folks that think they are gonna walk into another job with the pay and benefits that we still have , good luck ,, those jobs simply don't exist . Some folks have forgotton what it's like to have to work outside a union shop , let me tell you , you all are in for a rude awaking .