DHL Teamsters Say NO to Concessionary Offer

March 6, 2008: DHL Teamsters are reacting strongly against the concessionary first offer that will be put out for a vote later in March.

In discussions, meetings, leaflets, and on the DHL Teamsters’ own website, concerned members say: send them back to the bargaining table.

DHL management is going to have to improve their second offer by addressing members’ concerns: protecting jobs and a good union future.

The current offer would hand DHL management its dream: they want a part-time operation. Under the proposed deal, a shrinking percentage of full-time Teamsters would become surrounded by a part-time work force making poverty wages.

No date has been set for the ballots to be mailed, but we expect a "quickie" mailing. No doubt the International Union and management are getting their Vote Yes sales job ready.

DHL Teamsters will each get to cast three votes: on the master language, the national operational supplements (with Pick Up and Delivery being the largest), and the regional supplements.

DHL Teamsters have produced an informational bulletin, which is already circulating at some stations.

You can download it here to make sure every DHL Teamster gets the facts and not just the company’s and the IBT’s propaganda.

What You Can Do To Get a Better Contract

DHL Teamsters have been talking, sharing views and networking for eight months to have a voice in this national contract. Now, it’s crunch time.

Management and some Teamster officials are pushing fear and lies. It’s up to members like us to spread hope and solidarity. We hold the power, if we vote NO on both the national master and on the operational Pick Up and Delivery Supplement.

A No vote does not mean a strike—it will send our negotiators back to the table to produce a more acceptable second offer.

Here’s how you can help:

Download the leaflet, and be sure each member at your station gets a copy. Talk with your fellow Teamsters about the issues.

Attend your local union meeting that will be set up to discuss the contract. Attend together and speak out, let your brothers and sisters know that a better offer is coming, and Teamsters across the country are uniting to make it happen.

Contact Teamsters for a Democratic Union to share what’s happening in your area, pass along an idea to build the Vote No movement, or to set up an informational meeting for your coworkers. Call (313) 842-2600, or click here to send a message, a question, or a comment.

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