‘We’re Building the Campaign to Win!’

July 15, 2011: Across our union, members are spreading the word about Sandy Pope and our campaign for new Teamster leadership.

Orange County, Calif.

“When Sandy Pope came to southern California, we scheduled three days of total campaigning in grocery, freight, UPS, dairy, and mass transit,” said Chuck Robinson, a member of Local 952 at Albertson’s (right).

“Members have been hearing a lot about her campaign, and they really appreciated getting to meet Sandy and ask her questions.”

New Jersey

“We bought a bunch of Sandy Pope t-shirts and we’re wearing them every week to show our support,” said Susan Bell, a Local 641 Teamster at the Elizabeth, N.J. YRC terminal.

“I’ve also gone to other Teamster worksites in New Jersey to tell other members about Sandy Pope. She’s walked in our shoes. She knows what we’re going through.”

Ontario, Calif.

“Old Hoffa supporters are telling me they’re now checking out Sandy Pope’s campaign,” says Rosemary Stedronsky (above, center), a part-timer in Local 63 at the Ontario UPS hub.

“We haven’t won them over yet. But they’re not happy with our last contract and they’re impressed with Sandy Pope’s experience and her new ideas.”


Members show their support for Sandy Pope’s campaign at the Memphis UPS building (above).In July, concerned Teamsters are campaigning at worksites in Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Cookeville, and more.


“I’ve been passing out Sandy Pope campaign literature at UPS facilities in Akron, Middleburg Heights, Highland Heights, and Boardman, Ohio. One thing is obvious: UPS rank-and-filers are itching for change,” says Michael Carano, a UPS package car driver in Local 348.

“Hoffa supporters are few and far between. It is up to each of us to get out in the trenches and tell our brothers and sisters just who it is who will deliver—Sandy Pope, our next General President.”


“The campaign is getting exciting now! I’ve been out talking to Teamsters in Florida and Georgia,” says Mike Schaffer, a YRC road driver in Miami Local 769. “I just finished handing out leaflets to dockworkers on lunch in Lake Park, Georgia. Every day is an opportunity to do something positive for the campaign.”


“I met up with six campaign volunteers from other locals to hit the UPS barn in Allentown. They were very upbeat, it was great to have them there,” said Local 773 member Patricia Depietro.

“Members are frustrated, but we collected about 90 names and email addresses in just one morning.”

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